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The Ultimate Gaming Set-Up

A sofa, a soda, and a first-person shooter game: everything you need for a night of gaming. But not if you take your gaming seriously. Because the big-time gamer needs some kickass kit. We’re talking a huge screen, all-day chair, military-grade headset, and red-hot gaming rig. Need this in your life? Check out our guide to the ultimate man cave kit, and that leaderboard is yours. Bring snacks.

Up your game: The ultimate game cave essentials

Your gaming rig is the heart of your set-up, so make sure it’s got enough grunt. Or games will. keep. stuttering. Today’s games are crazy big, too. So get a rig with plenty of space (we’re talking at least 1TB


Frantic heists. High-speed chases. Fire-breathing dragons. Hails of bullets flying across the screen… some monitors can’t cope. They blur. Good luck with that. Advanced gaming monitors have it where it counts. They’re quicker to react, keeping everything sharp no matter how hectic the fighting gets. Get one with a low input lag (under 40 milliseconds) and fast response time (under 10 milliseconds). You’ll want to go big, too – at least 20 inches diagonally – for the best view. Because when it comes to your monitor, the rule really is go big, or go home.

Locking in for a session?

A comfy chair is a must. A breathable mesh back will keep you cool when the action hots up. Some even have built-in speakers. "A word of advice? Add Lynx antiperspirant to your man cave collateral. To keep fresh and dry. All game long".

A gaming keyboard is your secret weapon. Their buttons have mechanical switches, meaning they react quicker. You’ll thank it when you charge up: level by level.


Plus, they’re also harder-wearing. Because you don’t press lightly when your life depends on it.


To take it to the next level, check out a gaming keypad. It’s like a keyboard, but with the keys specially laid out for gaming. Now all your controls are easily at hand. Because a hero never fumbles under pressure.


For some types of games, only a gamepad will do. These are console-style controllers that plug into a PC. Playing a platformer without one? It’s like driving a car by playing the piano. You just can’t. So don’t.


A gaming mouse is a must for your arsenal. Better optical sensors. Programmable thumb buttons. Ratcheting scroll wheels for quick-cycling through weapons. You can even adjust the weight, shape and size, so it fits your hand perfectly. All seem a bit much? Well look at it this way: you wouldn’t go into battle wearing someone else’s armor now, would you?

We know, headsets look a bit drive-through. But real gamers swear by them. 

And with no background noise to distract you, you’ll hear that ninja creeping up from behind. Plus you can play without your mom banging on the ceiling. Perk up headset hair at half time with a button-size blob of Lynx hair paste or hair putty, and you’re all set to get on that mic to start throwing shade at your teammates. And with one final spray to keep you smelling like a leaderboard legend, all that’s left for you to do is get your game on, and go for the win.