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Tired of being single? Chill ways to find a girlfriend

We don’t know how it happened either, but Saturday night mate night has all too quickly become Saturday night date night.

 *Eye roll*

Good for them, right? But that’s not even the worst of it… you’ve suddenly got this weird feeling that, actually, it would be quite nice to have a Netflix buddy yourself right now. No judgement here! Welcome to the madness, my friend. Here’s how to get a girlfriend, plus a few things to consider.

Opportunities to meet people everywhere

Once you open up yourself to possibilities, you’ll find that there are opportunities to meet people all around you



If you’re actually serious and ready for a relationship, the first step is finding an answer to the question of where to find a girlfriend. The answer is simple – anywhere! Once you open up yourself to possibilities, you’ll find that there are opportunities to meet people all around you. But don’t take it from me:

  • Old but gold. Oli (21) met his other half casually dancing in the moonlight (okay, maybe it was only slightly less romantic in strobe lights): “I was in a club and my song came on and I’m pretty irresistible when I’m in my flow so I just kept dancing and I noticed her noticing me. She thought I was slipping on some ice on the dancefloor but now she’s my dance partner.”
  • Get turned ON-line. Sid (19) was fed up with trying to get a girlfriend in the real world. “How can I get a girlfriend” was on my mind for so long, and a few of my mates met girls online, so I gave it a shot myself, set up a profile, matched with a few girls (nice ego boost) and found her. I thought I was much funnier online than in person but apparently I’m awesome everywhere.” 
  • Random, random, lemon, random. There’s always that one friend who has the craziest stories to tell, just like Yusuf (20): “Where I met my girlfriend? Well, I asked a girl for her number but when I called it, it turned out she gave me a fake number. But the girl I did text found it funny and we’ve been dating online for a few weeks. Finger crossed she’s not a Catfish.”



The next step towards potential romance is the how – and yep, we need to put a little effort in here – no matter where you’ve met her (unless you’re Anthony Joshua, in which case, Anthony, if you’re reading this – you don’t need to bother).

  • Ask them out. Come on, what are you waiting for? Nothing to lose. Asking a girl out is very important if you actually want to get a girlfriend – sadly, it’s not possible to find a girlfriend just by thinking about it (I tried).
  • Stay true to yourself. We want to impress her, but don’t fall into the trap of pretending you’re someone else. Firstly, it’s too much effort and no fun, and secondly, if you’re serious with her, she’s bound to find out the truth anyway.
  • Build a real-world connection. This tip is something to start on before your date. Try and talk about something that you can show or do in the real world. That could be a passion for a film that’s coming out soon, a love for a certain food, or some sweet dance moves that you’re willing to teach your crush. 
  • Get the ball rolling and show interest and initiative. We’re living in the 21st century, so it’s chill for a girl to make the first move, but don’t expect her to do all the work: suggest dates, ask questions, share your favourite tunes and movies, send her pics of your daily life and most importantly, listen to what she’s saying. There’s nothing more attractive than someone who’s present and shows interest in what you have to say.
  • Don’t take it too seriously. Dating and meeting new people should be fun – we don’t have to marry every girl we go on a date with. Instead of working up a sweat during your first date, keep it cool (or use Lynx deodorants just to be safe).
  • Don’t lose hope. If it doesn’t go as planned the first-time round, your date doesn’t turn out to be the one, and you didn’t find a girlfriend just yet, don’t give up. Sometimes, finding love takes a bit of time – and practice.

Our work here is done. You’re ready to get a girlfriend. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to dating, so don’t stick too closely to these tips… add a little of your own special sauce and give it a go. You’ve got this.