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When the student becomes the master: Date ideas for teens

You’ve got your parents telling you what to do in school and exams (‘read the question twice’, ‘remember to breathe’) and your teachers telling you to plan for your future (‘do what you love’, ‘your GCSE R.E. mock more important than life itself’) – but who gives you teen dating advice when you don’t have a clue?

Surely you don’t go to your mate Aaron. The one with a girlfriend who goes to a different school and doesn’t have Instagram? Yeah – come off it.

Here’s what we’ve got:



Invite your friends! It’s the ultimate teen first date, just not as potentially awkward. Think about it:

  • Your crush won’t feel like they’ve been put on the spot, but also, your attention will be divided, which will kind of drive them a little crazy (in a good way).
  • Your mates can set you up for jokes. Although – your best friend always turns into the funniest guy in the world when you’re with someone you fancy.
  • You’ve got your wingmen/women/people provide you with convincing laughter when you tell that joke about the beaver and the teacher (it’s a classic) or floods of tears when you talk about that life-changing incident you had that involved a tube of tennis balls (you know the one).
your best friend always becomes funny around crushes

Although – your best friend always turns into the funniest guy in the world when you’re with someone you fancy

Plus, this works in video and in-person, depending on the social distancing guidelines. For example:

  • The cinema is always a great shout for a group date; you’ve got your mates around you, but you’re also sat next to your crush. As far as teen dating advice goes, this dating option is a solid shout. And there’s popcorn.
  • Replicate this teen first date idea by hosting a virtual watch party with a streaming service like Netflix Party. You can text each other during the film in a group chat – just make sure you’ve all got quick internet, or your ‘OMG’ might spoil something that hasn’t happened yet.
  • A list of date night ideas for teenagers would be incomplete without a ‘games night’. ‘Never Have I Ever’, anyone? Plus, you can do this over Facetime too – and that way it’s easier to pretend your battery died rather than admitting to eating 8 hot dogs from a can (and necking the hot dog juice) in under one minute.

Dating tips for teens don’t have to be cringe. Whilst there aren’t really hard and fast teenage dating rules, you too could land that successful family dinner date (lol) with these pointers:

  1. Don't rush things. Listen to yourself and the person you’re with. As far as first date tips for teens go, this one is pretty decent – once you’ve had a think, and you’ve felt the vibe, then (and only then) is it time to make a move. A move can be anything from handholding to whipping out the remote and clicking ‘next episode’ to continue the binge-sesh. There’s no pressure.
  2. Listen to the feels. Make sure you have an outlet which doesn’t revolve around your crush – whether it’s making sure you’re making time for other people in your life or getting in some daily fitness. Dating tips for teenage guys don’t mention this enough but add in some headspace (this does not mean buying a large hat) for yourself and try and keep a bit of perspective!
  3. Know when to call it quits. Another thing teen dating advice won’t tell you is when to quit. We’re well aware that not everyone you date is going to be your soulmate. And that’s ok! There are plenty of other fish in the sea who have just broken up with their fish-partners and are looking for new fish to talk to. Ooh, maybe you’ll find your new fish in the sea on Finstagram


Sorry about the fish talk. Point is – you’re gonna be great out there! Just make sure if you’re breaking things off with someone that you know how to let them down gently.