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How to overcome first date nerves

You’ve managed to ask your crush out and you’re absolutely buzzing – buzzing that you’ve even managed to get the words out of your mouth or sent a message.

And they’ve said yes! Nice one. Mission accomplished. 

But you’re still shaking and you’re not sure why. Oh yeah. The first date anxiety is already kicking in. And it’s cool if you’re a little nervous about meeting an online date or if you’ve got a full-on fear of dating – we’re gonna help you out.

don't wear white on a dinner date

Make sure you’re not wearing white if you order a Bolognese. Thank us later



We’ve all had first date nerves. Guys deal with them in different ways. Some guys deal with them better than others – so here’s what you need to do to smooth out any first date anxiety:

  • Let them know the plan… It takes the pressure off if you just lay your date ideas on the table. And that way you don’t have to worry about them not enjoying a part of your date because they can tell you straight up.
  • …Or keep it a mystery. If you keep everything a surprise, then you can keep the pressure off yourself. About to make your date dinner but forgot to get the burger part of your beef burger recipe? Order a takeaway and pretend you’re being random and spontaneous. Big brain moves.
  • Build a real-world connection. This tip is something to start on before your date. Try and talk about something that you can show or do in the real world. That could be a passion for a film that’s coming out soon, a love for a certain food, or some sweet dance moves that you’re willing to teach your crush. 
  • Fix up, look sharp. Beating the fear of dating is easier when you’re feeling confident. So, plan what you’re going to wear, get your scent sorted, and make sure you’re not wearing white if you order a Bolognese. Thank us later.
  • Start talking. Another way to calm first date nerves is to talk on the phone. You can try voice messages too but having a conversation in real-time will get you more used to hearing your crush’s voice. And it’ll give you a better idea about your chemistry – no test tubes or lab coats needed.
  • Think about it. You might have first date anxiety or be nervous about meeting an online date but ask yourself why you’re in this position. You’re going on a date because your crush likes you and agreed to go on a date. They’ve got to like you enough to go on a date. So chill – you’re already succeeding.

Everyone prepares for a date in different ways – so it’s cool if what’s in your playbook hasn’t made it onto our list. The main thing to remember is that we’re all human beings and they’re probably a little nervous too. 

And if it goes well and you get second date nerves then just re-read this and replace the word ‘first’ with ‘second’. You’re welcome!