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How to Netflix and chill: stay at home date ideas

Life is a challenge, and we’re not about to be defeated. Distance? Not a problem. Can’t go out? No bother. Staying connected is all that matters, and these stay at home date ideas are designed to get us closer in more ways than one. This is Netflix and chill… but not as we know it.



A cultural institution –– seriously, where have you been? What began as an innocent expression of let’s do nothing together, quickly became code for getting close to your Netflix and chill buddy.

But what does Netflix and chill mean in this new age?

  • It’s about more than the movie you’ve chosen… and it can even be romantic. Think social distancing with an undercurrent of romantic tension and a whole new Netflix and chill meaning; absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  • We don’t even need to be in the same room anymore. Using an extension like Netflix Party you can watch the film together and perfectly in sync, even though – get this – you’re apart. We’re still not over it. 
  • Communicating in real-time as the action unfolds is sort of fun and pacey. The equivalent to first-rate date banter. 
Choose the film before you link up

Whatever you do, whether you’re apart or together, choose the film before you link up



Getting stressed even thinking about this. Whatever you do, whether you’re apart or together, choose the film before you link up. Repeat: choose the film before you link up.

Odds are by now, you’ve both rinsed the popular selection of films out there. Go for something a little leftfield – the wackier the better –– anything to get the chat flowing. Even if it’s awful, it’ll be funny –– and you can pick again.




Netflix Party may have changed the game, but there are loads of different ways to stay connected with your number one Netflix and chill buddy of choice:

  • TikTok – guaranteed you’ll end up spending half the day sharing the videos you like with the person you like.  Lip sync your way into their heart be serenading them, show off to each other in a TikTok #Challenge, or use the World tab to augment reality and pretend you’re both sharing a romantic slice of pizza. ONE DAY. 
  • Make the most of the comment section – whether it’s an Insta post or a cheeky tweet, if we play our cards right, flirting through the comment section of different social media channels can be a laugh. USE WITH CAUTION. Don’t get carried away, though – always be led by them –– it doesn’t feel good coming over all hot and heavy and being blanked. 
  • Private snap – seen something funny or feeling fruity? Sending them a private snap is a bespoke way of getting a conversation going that feels kind of exciting and unique to the two of you. And when the string of emojis is exhausted, you could always video call from the app itself, and explain what you meant by the levitating man in a suit jacket –– (seriously, if you do know, pass that knowledge on).  
  • Video chat – not ground-breaking as far as stay at home date ideas go, but effective, and a great way to carry on the Netflix Party after the movie. It’s all about authentic connection; there’ll come a moment where you’ll want to break through the online chat and just talk. 

Whether it’s a one-off idea to keep things interesting, or you’re saving up some cash, there comes a time in everyone’s life when staying in is the new going out. Mastering how to Netflix and chill is still top of the list, but the alternatives are also worth a flutter.