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Lynx Java ambassadors

Look who’s back, back again? Java’s back for a LTD time only! TELL YOUR FRIENDS.


It’s 90s nostalgia and you’ve never wanted it more. The epic mash-up of cedarwood, musk, and spices is the absolute jam. The remarkable smell of retro: it’s Lynx freakin’ Java. Cop it while it’s hot and get it in ya, on all three fronts – body spray, shower gel and antiperspirant.

Speaking on the project, designer of the shirt and Creative Director at Meyba, Neal Heard said: "Sometimes in life you get lucky and getting the call to have the honour of designing a football shirt with Lynx, celebrating the return of one classic by working with another, was a genuine pinch me moment.

Being an OG old skool Java wearer, any inspiration for the design was like falling out of bed. Everyone knows football shirts are cool right now and being somebody who literally wrote the book on football design, it was an opportunity to get my teeth into something that I am really passionate about.

Most of us footy shirt heads know that the shirts of the late 80’s and early 90’s are where it’s at right now. Football shirts back then were anything but quiet, it was all about pattern, colour and ‘out there’ designs. Think the Bruised Banana or the Holland jersey of 88, these shirts weren’t understated, they were loud ‘look at me’ shirts, which screamed and got your attention, and then kept it. In a sentence, this creativeness was the perfect inspiration to design a jersey suitable for the return of Java. 


Tying in nicely was the return of Meyba, another classic label from the same era, making their much-anticipated return to the scene - what perfect bedfellows to work together.

Taking these iconic graphic jerseys as inspiration, it just seemed logical to delve into design freedom. The branding of the OG Lynx Java sprays just seemed to fit the old skool graphic feel perfectly. We love it and see it as a fitting tribute to an old pal - we hope you do too.”

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