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Yeah, it’s not quite Logan Paul vs. KSI.

And there isn’t even a winner. A bit like your dating life, it depends what you’re into.

It used to be that you could wake up and shake up like a real-life Bond: deodorant, no antiperspirant. Or you might have stirred the martini of life: antiperspirant –– hold the deo.

Then someone blew the doors off and created antiperspirant deodorant.

(We’ll just give you a minute to pick yourself up off the floor)  

Deodorant vs. antiperspirant: what’s the difference?


Deodorant mainly helps against body odour whilst antiperspirant acts against sweat.

They both smell good, but if you’re looking for great – try a legend: Lynx Africa.

It’s weird that we spend more time choosing cologne and not the stuff that helps to actively neutralize bad smells. It’s worth taking the time to choose one that’s right for you –– it just depends if you’re a deodorant, not antiperspirant sort of person, or whether you want both. Once you’ve got a good base to work with, you’re ready to step it up with fragrance.

With its  24 hour odour protection and 48hr freshness, a deo probably wins out for Netflix and chill, whilst the more active ingredients contained in antiperspirants are better at stopping sweat during your HIIT.

That said, it depends how active your Netflix and chill is.

Deodorant spray vs. stick

An epic battle through the ages, bigger than Oasis or Blur. During the intense debate around deodorant vs antiperpirant, men often feel forced to choose between a stick or a spray. A travel-friendly stick of deo can really take you places, whilst a spray dries within seconds.


Stick or spray? We say, twist. 

Try an antiperspirant deodorant, striking the balance between sweat prevention and odour control and settling the deodorant spray vs. stick debate once and for all: enjoy the deodorising and sweat-preventing effects of both in one product. Like the deodorising brother of the cronut: but better.

Stick with me (that was a clue).


What is antiperspirant deodorant?

Get rid of the deodorant, not antiperspirant mentality by choosing the protective powers of both.

In words worthy of an Insta influencer: fail to plan, plan to fail. Stay ahead of the curve by combining the smooth application of a stick deodorant with the sweat protection of an antiperspirant –– all in one. Ideal for when you’re hitting up an early morning spin session or just hitting the books.

We never said you had to choose between deodorant vs antiperspirant in this showdown ­­–– and there’s definitely no harm in doubling-up.

There’s a better world out there in which Logan Paul and KSI shake hands, and everyone’s wearing antiperspirant deodorant.