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Your magic’s always with you but sometimes you might need a bit of help to find it. Have a look at some of the articles below and get a bit of inspiration.

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  • Guy with head in white shirt, hair poking out
    Shave it for later: Should you shave before or after a shower?
  • guy applying roll-on
    Why roll-on for men is a must
  • a guy pulling a t-shirt over his head
    What are parabens?
  • guy in his room looking at his laptop with a mug in his hand
    Top manscaping styles
  • a guy pulling a t-shirt over his head
    How to keep your favourite t-shirt looking good
  • a hand spraying a bottle of deodorant on a blue background
    Stick vs roll on vs. spray deodorant
  • a guy holding a bunch of flowers in their face
    How to smell good all day, any day
  • a guy splashing water into his face
    Wanted: Shower gel for sensitive skin
  • guy in the shower
    Shaving in the shower