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You shall go to the ball! Top manscaping styles

Not saying you’re necessarily going to take pictures of your pubes but if you did, the following manscaping styles would look pretty decent. The point is, picture or not, grooming downstairs is an essential bit of self-care. Besides, it’s the perfect occupation for when we’ve got a little time on our hands, so carpe diem by DM-ing that carpet: fancy a shave?

Manscaping groin designs

You heard it here first. Three words, endless possibilities (or at least, five manscaping styles to be reckoned with):

1. Born to be wild

Quite simply, do nothing. The best way to manscape is your way to manscape, and if that means honouring every single pubic hair on your body: Good. For. You.

2. Light and (h)airy

All about letting the bush just be, the light and (h)airy style works on trimming the hairs to unleash its au naturale magic. Depending on the length of your pubes, you may want to just use scissors to keep a groomed but not razor-ed look. Speaking of which, finish the edges with a trimmer for a smart but natural finish.

3. Brief encounter

This one’s even easier – simply shave all the hair that sticks out of your briefs/pants/boxers/undies. Perfect for a quick fix. Manscaping pubes has never been simpler.

one razor for the face

The point is, picture or not, grooming downstairs is an essential bit of self-care.

4. Coming into land

A landing strip is an obvious way to show off our man parts to their full advantage. A neat, single line of hair from beginning to shaft. For extra comfort, do it in the shower; leave your skin feeling cleansed with Lynx Gold Shower and Shave Foam.

5. What we do in the shadows

More importantly, what you do in the shadows. A bit of shadow down there keeps things looking groomed while adding a little somethin’ somethin’. Whether you go for a stubbly trim or keep it slightly longer but softer, this is one of the best manscaping styles to have at the ready. Just set the length guard on your trimmer and go with whatever floats your boat.

And remember!

The task of manscaping pubes doesn’t end when the trimmer is turned off. Complete your look by making sure you smell the part with a body spray designed to keep you fresh all day. Done? Good. Now, you’re ready.