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Shave some time! Why shaving in the shower is awesome

Remember those shaving adverts on TV where the guy/male model is having the time of his life after just having finished shaving? He dabs his face twice (it’s always twice) with a bright white towel and then a beautiful woman put her arms around him and strokes his face – clearly thrilled about how great his razor/shaving foam/ jawline is.

But that’s not real life.

Those adverts never show us leaving the bathroom with a big splodge of shaving foam behind our ear or trying to clean every last hair out the sink. And those adverts will never show you the biggest shaving secret of all. Shaving in the shower.

Is shaving in the shower bad?

Well, here are some 100% scientific facts about shaving in the shower – we’ll let you decide…

  • It saves time. Shaving in the shower tips the odds in your favour when you’re running late in the morning. You can cover yourself in shampoo, conditioner, shaving foam, and body wash all at the same time. You might look like a snowman under all that lather, but the time saved will be worth it. 
  • It means you don’t have to clean your sink as often. Grab your shower head and blast away every hair around you. You could imagine you’re a firefighter. Or a gardener. Or just a guy flailing around with his shower head, lost in the moment.
  • It means you’ll get a closer shave. All that hot water makes the pores on your skin open up more than a YouTuber’s apology video. 
  • It means you’ll get a better shave. Men shaving in the shower might notice that their beards look bigger when they’re wet. That’s because hair expands when it absorbs water. And when it expands, it makes it harder to miss with a razor. Told you there was some science.

So, is shaving in the shower bad? Nope! It’s better for you, your skin, and your home. But before you go bursting into the bathroom, there are some things to consider – not whether your dad’s going to be sat on the toilet, but the tools you’ll need to start shaving in the shower.

how to shave in the shower

You couldn’t expect Pogba to produce a world-class performance in work boots, and men shaving in the shower are no different. Here’s what you need to succeed!

Shaving in the shower: tips on tools

You couldn’t expect Pogba to produce a world-class performance in work boots, and men shaving in the shower are no different. Here’s what you need to succeed!

  • The right razor. Using a disposable razor or a razor with changeable heads means you’ll always have the sharpest shave on hand.
  • The right shave foam. You already know you want a great shave whilst saving time. Grab a can of shower and shave foam from Lynx and see what you’ve been missing. Don’t go too wild with the foam though – there’s a reason people don’t mow their lawns when they’re under 3 feet of snow.
  • The right mirror. There are such things as fogless mirrors (who knew!), so you can see what you’re shaving, rather than feeling around your face for any stray hairs.
  • The right mindset. You might have to duck and weave to make sure your shaving foam isn’t washed off before you’re finished. Then there’s the steam. And the fact that a fumbled razor could result in a bruised toe. Or getting neutered. Just focus. You’ll be fine!

That’s all there is to shaving in the shower. Give it a couple of goes and you’ll have those TV crews lining up to film you in the shower. Nope. Not like that. Er. That probably won’t happen. Happy shaving!