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guy squeezing out shaving foam onto hand


Chest is best: How to shave your chest hair

Man cleavage. 

It’s a thing. Ask Harry Styles. 

Better yet, Al Pacino in his Hawaiian shirt in Scarface

Chest hair or not, a few open buttons on a shirt can go a long way. And whilst Tony Montana clearly didn’t, do guys shave their chest is still a very valid question. Some guys do, but it’s about personal preference. If shaving chest hair sounds like a bit of you, though, stick around. Gone are the days when your mate thought he was doing you a disservice by shaving a chunk out of your thigh on the tour bus (because actually, it feels pretty great so, joke’s on you Dan, joke’s on you). It’s time to have the confidence to decide for ourselves. 

Shaving chest hair: why?

There’s nothing wrong with chest hair, but there are certain instances when a smooth chest can be preferable. Should guys shave their chest? To answer that question, have a look at the following scenarios some of us face:

  • Consider shaving chest hair if… it’s pretty uncomfortable under clothes. There’s a time and a place, and when it’s poking out of your best shirt – looking a bit Saturday Night Fever on a Monday morning – it’s less than ideal. 
  • Consider shaving chest hair if… you’ve got a tattoo on there. A clean-shaven chest is the best way to show off your ink in all its glory. The world will be better for it… depending on how good the tattoo is. 
  • Consider shaving chest hair if… it’s getting in the way of your swim or cycle. It’s well-known that body hair can sometimes get in the way of athletic performance. So, if you’re into that, try a trim – you might feel an improvement. 
  • Consider shaving chest hair if… you feel like it. What it says on the tin. 

How to shave your chest 

The best thing about this whole exercise is that you don’t have to commit to a completely hairless chest. Sometimes, a trim does the trick. We think the following is – generally speaking – the best way to shave chest hair:

  1. Prep for your chest shave by taking a lukewarm shower first: it’ll soften the skin and make the hair more manageable to remove. Dry-off with a fresh towel and comb through any knots. If your chest hair is long, make sure you’re armed with an electric razor. This will reduce irritation and make for a cleaner finish.
  2. Use a mirror to decide where you want to begin shaving your chest hair. How much do you want to take off? And where? You could try for some chest art but keeping it simple is best. 
  3. Set your razor to the length you want – leaving a border of hair depending on how much you want to keep. Now start to gently shave against the direction of hair growth. This can be tricky around the nipple area, so take your time and don’t rush. Two nipples are better than none. 
  4. Nipples intact, and smooth skin aplenty, use cool water to soothe your chest, and apply a lotion suitable for freshly shaved skin. This will help prevent any post-shave irritation.
Top tip for shaving your chest

Top tip: Use Shower & Shave to get the job done in the shower. This will save on the mess and you’ll smell heavenly afterwards.

Should men shave their chest?

The real question is, do we want to? 

If we do, we will. 

It’s as simple as that. Shaving chest hair can easily be incorporated into your shower routine. Alternatively, you could use that time to watch your fur grow. A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. Sometimes, that’s nothing. Sometimes, it’s a cheeky shave.