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guy squeezing out shaving foam


Be a baller! How to shave your balls

They might be the most valuable thing you own. You protect them in a game of football, leaving yourself wide open for a freekick to the face. They’re always involved in the top tier of ‘dares you don’t want to do’ (but secretly want your mates to do to themselves instead). You might say you’re willing to give one up in a moment of fantasy or desperation, but we all know you’ll change your mind if you were ever called out on it.

No wonder you might not be eager to take a sharpened razor or some snarling clippers to them then…

Do guys shave their balls? Not all of them do, so don’t feel like you need to. But there are benefits to it – and if you’re curious (that’s the spirit) then it’s worth knowing how to shave your balls properly.

'How should I shave my balls?'

If you’re going to be manscaping balls, then shaving them is best. We’d really really realllllly advise against waxing them or plucking them. Shaving your balls with an electric trimmer works ok but it’s a bit like using a fire hose to wash your dog – a more delicate approach is needed.

Yep, the best way to shave your balls for a smooth finish is with a razor. So how do you shave your balls with a razor? Pro tip: You can’t start manscaping balls with a razor. It must be with the razor – the specific razor you use for your balls and body hair. 

one razor for the face

One razor for the face. One razor for the body. Your mates might never admit it, but there are probably some of them out who could do with hearing that. And that’s fine – we’re all learning.

Manscaping balls: The benefits

There’s a lot going on down there, so we’ll keep it simple:

  • It’s cleaner.
  • It cuts out any potential for stench.
  • It’ll keep you cooler. And if you need to keep your cool anywhere – this is the place.

How do you shave your balls? 

OK – here’s the guide. 

  1. Run yourself a nice hot shower. Let your balls roam free. The water needs to be warm enough to let your skin relax – there’s a reason why pizza chefs toss fresh, floppy dough when creating a margherita masterpiece.
  2. Clean yourself. No one ever wants to snag a matted hair when they’re shaving. They definitely don’t when they’ve got a razor in one hand and the future of their family tree in the other. 
  3. Move yourself out of the water’s stream just before you’re about to shave. You need to see what you’re doing, and this is complex enough as it is – imagine trying to launch a rocket to the moon whilst you’re on a log flume ride. Not ideal.
  4. Apply a bit of shaving foam. But only a bit. Read point 3 again but now it’s a log flume ride during a blizzard.
  5. Pull the skin tight. Da Vinci didn’t paint the Mona Lisa on a bit of crumpled paper, did he?
  6. Shave gently but firmly, in straight lines, moving away from the penis. Some hairs might curl or flick away from the razor but be patient and you’ll get them all eventually.

That’s all there is to it. So no, you don’t have to shave your balls. It’s not like the world is going to see the difference. But it might mean the world to those who do notice the difference (to your balls).