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Lynx Shower and Shavetorials

Fellas – who knew that our body hair can take so many different shapes and forms? Sometimes, I’ve had to guess where my mate’s haircut stopped and where his back hair began. Or wonder whether he was secretly hiding a Wookie in his pants. But that’s not the only reason why I – erm, my mate, obviously – started looking into body shaving. Sometimes, you might just be shave-curious because… well, you don’t really need a specific reason now, do you?

Whatever reason brought you here, don’t worry. We’re not here to judge. Quite the opposite, actually. We’re here to offer you some good manscaping tips for body hair removal so that you can shave whatever you feel like shaving.

Now, I know you. Being the highly-enthusiastic adventurer you are, you might just whack your way through a forest’s uncharted territory. But, slooooow down a minute. With nipples to navigate and future generations to protect, you might want to take some extra care.

First things first: Shaving after a shower is helpful because the warm temperature allows your skin to soften. Plus, the water will help naturally lubricate the area and prevent hairs from pulling. But, that’s not enough. Lathering up with your regular old soap just won’t do. You need a specific product to help moisturise the area.

That’s why we suggest using Lynx 2 in 1 Shower & Shave Foam. So you can shower. And shave. All in one go. Genius, isn’t it?

So, get yourself up to speed with some ASMR shaving tutorials from Lynx that’ll help turn even the clumsiest of body groomers into the smoooooooothest of operators.

Should guys shave their chest?

It’s up to you. In this Lynx ASMR Shower and Shavetorial, Matthew explores chest shaving techniques. What’s the worst that could happen? Your chest hair will grow back, so try out some different looks.

How to shave balls

It can be pretty terrifying to let a razor blade near your beloved balls. But you can’t pluck them (or wax them, you lunatic). So how do men shave their balls? With a steady hand, a curious mind, and Matthew’s ball shaving tips in this Shavetorial. 

Man in shower shaving legs

Shaving your legs in the shower

Shaving in the shower is so easy that you don’t need a reason to shave your legs anymore. Forget pretending you’re an aspiring Olympic swimmer – shaved legs feel nice and clean. In this brain-tingling ASMR Lynx Shower and Shavetorial, Matthew talks (well, sort of whispers) legs.

Forget pretending you’re an aspiring Olympic swimmer – shaved legs feel nice and clean.

Manscaping and shaving in the shower just got easier. You might make a mistake or two, but that’s all part of the fun. Show your mates if you’ve accidentally shaved a line down your chest, or talk about how hard ankles and knees are to get right. Experiment and enjoy it.

Use the hashtag #LynxASMR and share your thoughts or stories about how your shower shaving is going.

Lynx 2-in-1 Shower and Shave Foam is an instant shower and shave foam that you can use to wash and shave your body with. Shake it, foam it, wash your body with it, shave wherever you want to, and smell good. It’s that simple.

Lynx 2-in-1 Shower and Shave Foam. Feels as smooth as it sounds.