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Sweat stains suck: How to keep your favourite t-shirt looking good

Ah, the trusty white tee. Is there anything more classic? The white tee shows you’re confident in your style and your vibe – that you don’t need flashy brand logos, or anything complicated to let everyone know what you’re about. 

It also shows you’re confident that you’re not going to flick any Bolognese sauce on yourself when you’re spinning spaghetti onto your fork during dinner.

So, when your go-to white tee has yellow sweat stains, it’s not cool. At least the pasta was risk vs. reward! Yellow sweat stains aren’t giving us anything. And what even causes yellow sweat stains anyway? And do you know how to prevent sweat stains or how to hide sweat stains if you find yourself caught short? It’s cool – we’ve got your sorted.

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Remember – everyone sweats! Be ready and smell ready with Lynx. Now grab your tee and get out there



Yellow sweat stains on white shirts is THE worst. You probably think the stains on your tops are from sweating, right? Well, that’s actually not the case. At least, sweat isn’t the only culprit. 

The real offender is, in fact, your antiperspirant. 

Yep. The very thing designed to stop you sweating. It’s like the ultimate betrayal.

That’s because (we’re going to put our science hats on here for a second) underarm stains are created when oily proteins in sweat mix with aluminium compounds (something all antiperspirants contain) and then cling to your t-shirt (OK, science hats off, did that ruin my trim?).




  • GO EASY ON THE ANTIPERSPIRANT. Chances are, if it feels like you’ve put too much antiperspirant on, you’ve put too much antiperspirant on.  A thin, even layer of antiperspirant will go a long way. Excessive amounts will just hang out on the surface of your skin and cling to your clothing, causing yellow discolouration to your white tee.
  • BE BODY HAIR AWARE. If you find that your underarm region gets preeetty sweaty, consider getting rid of some of your underarm hair. Don’t worry, you don’t need to shave your underarms fully if that’s not for you – give them a quick trim and see if you notice the difference.
  • GO ALUMINIUM-FREE. As aluminium contributes to the yellowing of your shirts, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that using an antiperspirant or deodorant formulated without aluminium will help tackle stains; grab a stick of Lynx Africa and smell fresh with 48 hours of odour protection (and keep your white tee looking fresh too). Not sure about the differences between Lynx Body Spray and Antiperspirant? School yourself over here.
  • CHOOSE THE BEST TIME TO APPLY. Top tip: night-time application of deodorant = no sweat stains on shirts when you get dressed the next day. No need to worry about the awesome scent wearing off, just choose a long-lasting antiperspirant like Lynx Africa Spray Antiperspirant which provides 72-hour sweat protection and the iconic Africa scent. If you know, you know. 
  • ACTUALLY DO YOUR LAUNDRY. Yellow sweat stains set into your white tees if they’re not washed regularly. Have a look at the back of your bedroom chair and see if there’s a tee there that’s starting to turn yellower than a cartoon character. We won’t judge – but save your t-shirts! Buying new t-shirts = less money for games. Case closed.
  • SPRAY IT, DON'T SAY IT. Spray deodorant is quick-drying, meaning you can apply and then chuck on a shirt no problem. Try out Lynx Apollo Deodorant Body Spray to stop body odour and master all-day freshness.
  • NOT A FAN OF SPRAY? NO PROBLEM. Spray used to be the only sure-fire way to avoid dodgy-looking underarm stains but not anymore – for a deodorant that won’t leave yellow stains, try out Lynx Africa Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick. With its clear formula which goes on invisible, it’s designed to avoid stains and provide long-lasting 48-hour protection. Be dry and odour-free with every swipe.
  • PREFER A ROLL ON? Lynx Gold Anti White Marks Antiperspirant Deodorant not only helps prevent white sweat marks but also provides 48-hour sweat protection and is pro-scent meaning you don’t need to worry about staining your new clothes and you can smell great. Win-win.

Too late to prevent sweat marks? Already got sweat stains on your shirt? If you want to know how to hide sweat stains and sweat marks, simply layer a tee under a shirt. The under-shirt will cover for you whilst your favourite tee hides the evidence. Win-win.

If you’re worried about how much you perspire, don’t sweat it – follow this guide on how to stop sweating so much. And remember – everyone sweats! Be ready and smell ready with Lynx. Now grab your tee and get out there.