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Wanted: Shower gel for sensitive skin

Sometimes, sensitivity is a good thing. 

High emotional sensitivity means you can have a deep chat with your mates (or just cry at any sad film).

High controller sensitivity means you can whip round and get a 360 no-scope on anyone who tries to run up in your favourite FPS.

But skin sensitivity? That’s not as much fun. 

Luckily, you can get shower gels for sensitive skin that’ll keep you feeling awesome. There’s no reason to let sensitive skin get you down – a great men’s body wash for sensitive skin will keep you in the game.

But what should you look out for when you’re trying to find your epic body wash for dry, sensitive skin? We’ve got the answers.



one razor for the face

Secret agents spend ages saving the world, you just do it in your free time. No biggie.


Not all shower gels are created equal. If you’ve got skin that’s more sensitive than your stomach after going on a rollercoaster (maybe the fifth time in a row as a mistake…), you’re going to want to make sure your shower gel for dry, sensitive skin has:


  1. Kind-to-skin, plant-based moisturisers. These will keep your skin niiiiice and moisturised. 
  2. Dermatologist-tested goodness. Yep, you’re going to want to make sure your shower gel for sensitive skin has been tested by dermatologists (that’s a skin doctor) to make sure it’s great for sensitive skin.

So, they’re three big things to look out for when hunting down a body wash for dry, sensitive skin – is it too much to ask it to smell awesome too…? 

You might think so, but no! Lynx Body Wash has kind-to-skin plant-based moisturisers and derma-tested. And they’ll keep you smelling epic for 12 hours.




So, no more unscented body washes for sensitive skin – it’s time to try out something more exciting that’ll keep your skin happy and make you smell awesome. Looking for a suitable body wash for dry sensitive skin? Try Lynx Hydrate Mate Body Wash, for hydrated, great-smelling aromatic skin. Your birthday suit never smelled so good.




You can enjoy smelling awesome, feeling fresh, and making your sensitive skin a bit happier. And it’s not just your skin you can make happier – you can make the planet happier too.

And that’s because these men’s shower gel for sensitive skin comes in a 100% recyclable bottle. Secret agents spend ages saving the world, you just do it in your free time. No biggie. And while we’re talking all things shower, have a look at how to shave some time with this guide on shaving in the shower.

Getting some help with sensitive skin is only going to make you feel more confident to go out and have an awesome day. And now you can choose your scent, you’re always going to smell ready for what comes next.