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They see me rollin’: 5 reasons why roll-on for men is a must

Most of the hype around which deodorant to use often surrounds stick vs. spray, leaving good old roll-on behind. If you’re also the middle child, you’ll know just how rubbish that feels. Strap yourself in because you’re probably not aware of the subtle powers of men’s roll-on deodorant, and this is going to be an education.

Men’s roll-on deodorant: the pros

Roll-on for men is a thing. And it has been for quite some time. It’s got some decent credentials, and if this were a game of FIFA, I’d want it on my team. Seriously, though, whether you’re gaming or out there kicking a ball around or whatever, a deo roll-on will have you covered. Here’s why:

Easy application

It’s all the name – it genuinely does just roll onto the skin. A deodorant roll-on contains water, so it’ll feel wet at first. Make sure you choose a quick-dry roll-on deodorant so you’re not caught like Dude with a Sign

Extra coverage

Because of its active ingredients, deo roll-ons tend to offer more comprehensive protection – directly targeting the bacteria that produces body odour. It doesn’t just block sweat; it works against it. Plus, that fresh feeling you get after quick-dry roll-on deodorants sort of adds to that feeling of extra protection.

top tip for roll-on

Unless it’s on bacon, we’re not here for streaks. 

Clear solution – no streaks

Unless it’s on bacon, we’re not here for streaks. The best roll-on deodorants are clear formulas, leaving our favourite tees free from the perils of spray or stick deodorant marks. Even though it’s clear, this classic Lynx deodorant roll-on delivers on aroma. All the feels!


Unlike spray deodorants, roll-ons can be shoved into your carry-on. At under 100ml, you’ll have no problem boarding a plane to somewhere warm and sunny, where you can still keep things cool with a deo roll-on that delivers 48hr freshness.


It’s not cool to suffocate anyone in the pursuit of fresh-smelling pits. There are few things more annoying than when some random guy in the gym uses their aerosol to deodorise the whole room. The best roll-on antiperspirants are simply so because they’re designed for your private use. They get straight to the point, and no one is going to want to borrow it afterwards.


Keep things easy and confident with men’s roll-on deodorant.