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Signature: Refined grooming

Your life’s first class. You’re a premium guy and you expect your products to be too. You need to be assured that the grooming range you’re investing in has the quality you need to support a life that’s smooth and suave. The Signature range is all about uncompromising quality and sophistication. 

You don’t do compromise and why should you? You’ve worked hard to get where you are. You’re still working hard to maintain it and take yourself to the next level. The image you project is based on the lifestyle you want, not the lifestyle you’ve got, so you always look, smell and feel slick. 

The Signature range is designed to support a look that’s dapper but not in your face. It’s about contemporary twists on timeless styles and creating an aura of understated elegance. 

The classic and shine pomades are there to help you create classy, classic styles – the sort of looks that looked great in the 50s, are still great now, and will look great for years to come. The Lynx Signature Anti-Mark Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant offers a smooth, subtle smell that reflects your understated style. It’s a long lasting deodorant that means you’ll smell great all day but ensures you’ll never smell overbearing. 


Quote - Twists on Timeless Styles

It’s about contemporary twists on timeless styles, and creating an aura of understated elegance. 

We know, however, that you might like to shake up your look from time to time. Perhaps you’re restrained and subtle when you’re in the office, but then add a bit of spice to your look when the clock strikes 5. The Signature range is flexible enough to help you be whoever you want to be, when you want to be it. You can mix in products from the Adrenaline and Urban ranges to really mix things up, knowing that the magic that’s the foundation of your look will never be undermined.