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The power of showers: How to stop skin being dry after a shower

Not much is better than a shower after a long day doing *insert activity (any activity, we’re not judging) here*. 

Whatever you’ve been up to, a shower at the end of it can be the stuff of dreams. As long as you’re doing it right. But for those of us with dry skin, showers have to hit different. We’re talking about nailing the basics – using shower gel dry skin responds to, perfecting the water temperature to prevent the classic hot water dry skin combo, and post-shower tactics to keep up the good work.

It’s time to feel epic and flake on the flake – grab your towel – let’s go!


RULE #1 

To create a steamy and moist atmosphere – close the door of the bathroom (WE KNOW – simple but effective).


You’ve learnt to feel amazing and use cooler water – but just to repeat for the ‘my skin gets dry after shower’ crew, hot water dries out skin by damaging the outer layer – this could lead to further irritation like itching. Warm water provides the perfect blend, just make sure you have…


… An iconic body wash. Something like Lynx Africa to wash away bacteria and odour but leave you feeling 100% awesome for 12 hours of freshness. It’s a no-fuss option which is derma-tested with 5X more moisturisers*, which is important when it comes to avoiding the dreaded dry skin shower results. PLUS, its irresistibly spicy scent is a crowd-pleasing classic and it’s made from 92% natural origin ingredients, including water. And breathe. 


An effective body shower for dry skin means you’ve thoroughly moisturised by lathering and gently rinsing off your body wash. All part of the process – to avoid that skin dry after shower feeling, take your time or speed things up as you see fit but be gentle and thorough with that lather and rinse to ensure no residue is left. 


Don’t go mad with the towel – if your skin’s dry after a shower it’s likely because you’ve roughly and quickly dried yourself like a dog – which is fun, but not great for your skin. Use a soft towel and be gentle – pat your fresh-scented epic-smelling skin dry and try not to rush it. 


Alright, so you’ve got the top 5 rules to prevent dry skin showers. Chief among them is choosing a body wash which has been dermatologically tested and smells nothing short of awesome – Lynx Gold, anyone? Feel fresh and confident with the right kit and these simple steps.


* Vs. Lynx’s +series shower gel variants