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How to smell good all day, any day

The best things always happen when you least expect them. When you bump into the hottie you’ve been crushing on. Or when you finally get the call-up to play ball with the first team. And smelling awesome is only going to make both of those easier. Your crush will want to stay close, and maybe even the guy you’re marking will think twice before running off. Turns out we might be dating and sports gurus.

But what’s best to use to smell good all day? Don’t sweat it (pun intended) – this handy underarm guide is here to show you how to smell good all the time, from when you wake up to when you go to bed (and watch TikTok for an hour).

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And it gives you time to think about the perfect comeback for that argument you had three years ago. Boom, roasted.





Tbh, you probably won’t need reminding of this but, ya know, just in case, we’ve added it to the list. Showering is important when making sure you smell good all day (or just smell good at all) as it can get rid of bacteria. And it gives you time to think about the perfect comeback for that argument you had three years ago. Boom, roasted. 

Make sure to use a body wash with odour-busting technology (like Lynx shower gels) to help you on your journey to learning how to smell nice all the time. Check out this guide on finding the right body wash for your vibe. 




You deserve to be fresh 24/7, but that shirt you left on the back of your chair (we know you meant well) isn’t gonna do the job.  When it comes to knowing how to smell nice all day, make sure to do the ‘sniff check’ before you leave the house – if you’re not sure, chuck it in the wash (or spray a bit of  Lynx Africa on for an iconic last-minute fix of legendary aromatic spiciness that’ll keep you smelling irresistible for 48 hours).




You want to know how to smell good all the time. Well, stick with us for a second, because we’re about to blow your mind. Lynx Deodorants have a new formula called dual-action. They’re deodorants that bust odour and boost fragrance so that you’ll smell incredible. Imagine how a famous person smells – we’re talking that incredible. To stay dry too, go for one of our anti-sweat antiperspirant sticks or sprays. They keep your odour and sweat free – and smelling just as great.




There’s making an entrance, and then there’s everyone in a five-mile radius knowing you’re in a nearby town because you’ve been heavy-handed with your deodorant. We’ve got a guide to sort you out though, it’s cool. Check this out for some tips on how to be CEO of deo.

We’ve also got a sweet guide to help you find your perfect scent so that you can smell incredible all day. No matter what you’re up to, you’ve got to smell ready and feel confident to smash any opportunity.

Knowing how to smell nice all day has never been so easy.