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Mohawk Tutorial

Style Story

The Modern Mohawk

Rebel Inspired Style.

It doesn't matter if you're a girl or a guy. Our rebel inspired messy mohawk hairstyle looks good on anyone. That's why we've got Becky in our video to show you how it's done. Volume and texture up top are what makes this look pack a punch. How shorn you go on the sides is up to you.

You don’t need to wear ripped jeans and combat boots to pull off a mohawk haircut. But it helps.

You can go as high as you want, as spiked as you dare and as edgy as you feel with your mohawk. Just find your magic and wear your ‘hawk with pride.

How it Began

The history

The mohawk was the definitive hairstyle of the '70s and '80s British punk movement.

It didn't take long for this mad, bad and dangerous to know cut to become one of the world's most recognised rebel styles.

A blonde girl's mohawk seen from the back.

Mohawks rock. They come in so many great varieties from long and punky to short and military style. Wear yours with pride.   

Kieron Webb - The London Barber

Learn The Fundamentals


Learn The Fundamentals

  • Rake


    Take a fingertip of Lynx Styling Adrenaline Super Hold Cream Gel and rake through damp hair.

  • Dry


    Blow-dry your hair up and side to side to give it some volume.

  • Define


    Rake a little more product through your hair to give it texture and definition. 

  • Shape


    Shape your hair in the middle or on one side for a really dramatic look.