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Rockabilly Tutorial

Style Story

The Rockabilly

21st Century Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The rockabilly lets long haired guys get into the undercut game: why should short and mid length styles have all the fun? Plus this'll make you look like someone's big bad older brother: who doesn't want that?

As well as from the '50s rock 'n' roll era, inspiration for this vintage style comes from the classic long on top, short sided mohawk. A hint of the iconic pompadour hairstyle also comes into play here with the Rockabilly's high quiff at the front.

Use the extreme differences - long on top, short underneath and on the side - to get everyone else’s (duller) heads turning.

How it Began

The History

Rockabilly hair is a classic cut that first showed up on '50s rock ‘n’ roll stars and rockabilly style music is one of the earliest forms of rock. Think Bluegrass with more hip swinging.

A quiff, rockabilly style.

Long on top and swept to the side: this is a real rocker's hairdo. Lift the front as high as possible for that proper vintage look.  

Kieron Webb - The London Barber

Learn the fundamentals



  • 01


    Start with completely dry hair. Even slightly damp hair won’t do.

  • 02


    Rub a quarter sized amount of Lynx Styling Signature Definition Wax in your palms. 

  • 03


    Rake your hands through your hair. Rake through the opposite side of your parting.

  • 04


    Smooth the back and sides. Sweep the long top in the direction you want it.

  • 05


    Comb the top of your hair into shape. Keep the sides smooth and the top slick.