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our values


We believe diversity should be a point of celebration not divide.

We have strong roots in youth and culture in the UK, and we believe it is our responsibility to use our platform to help advance the social equality agenda.  We will do this by reflecting our values as a brand, the values of the people we speak to as well as the community of ambassadors and contributors that we have been working with over the years.

We are committed to standing up for equality by:

·       Ensuring all Lynx advertising and marketing reflects our brand values of inclusivity, mutuality and progress

·       Putting in place internal review processes so we can thoroughly vet all creative content before it goes live

·       Continuing to use our platform to showcase diversity, and to shed light on the experiences and perspectives of people from all backgrounds

Ensuring our partners and collaborators share our values and have processes in place that enable representation and equality

We want to help make a difference to young people in the UK, and we’re doing this by working with organisations such as The Amos Bursary and SocialFIXT.  By working with these organisations we make an impact on the diversity within our youth employment programmes.  By doing this, we can tackle the issue from the ground up and help build a different vision of future business leaders.  


With SocialFIXT:

SocialFIXT is a non-profit organization whose objective is to increase diversity within the UK Creative Industry. Our partnership includes:

·       Presence in the SocialFIXT job board with work opportunities

·       Launch of the FIXT Mentorship Programme, involving our employees in mentorship and education opportunities

With The Amos Bursary:

The Amos Bursary is a non-profit organisation that helps talented young men of African and Caribbean heritage fulfil their academic potential, attend top universities, secure good professional jobs in which they can excel and give back to society. They provide the personal development and connections needed to give these young men the confidence and opportunity to excel.

We are working with The Amos Bursary by holding annual be-spoke events focused on increasing the connection the scholars have with the marketing and advertising industry, as well as facilitating employment opportunities.

We are also actively involved in supporting the broader plans of our parent company, Unilever, to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace, a core pillar of Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan. Find out more at

This is part of an ongoing commitment for progress, with much more to be done which we will hold both ourselves and our partners accountable for.