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Happy festival goers

Style story

What to wear to a concert

When it comes to festival style, shoes maketh the man. Think practical. Boots or an old pair of kicks will not only have you looking every bit the festival veteran, they’ll also safeguard your toes in the mosh pit. And leave the flip-flops at home, no matter how good the forecast. Not convinced? Two words for you: festival toilets.


You know the drill: sunny when you set off, torrential downpours by lunch. Balmy summer afternoon? Arctic blasts by sundown. Which is why you’ll want to layer your outfits. T-shirts, sweatshirts, and rain jackets are all lifesavers come monsoon time. 

It’s natural to want to look your best. But trust us, leave your favorite wares at home. It’s a field, not a runway. Back away from your Sunday best and ask yourself this: would the weekend be ruined if it didn’t make it back? If the answer’s yes, it stays at home.

Sunglasses are your friend. They protect you. Not only from the sun’s harsh glare, but from the morning after too. Plus they’re guaranteed to bring a little style kudos to your festival look.

Keep your hair in check. Three days of neglect, and it’ll look rougher than a festival first-timer. Our range of hair waxes, hair gels, and hair styling clays will keep your ‘do in place and on point. Meaning your hair stays in check, no matter how hard you dance.

Bring spares. Jeans, pants, shorts, socks… whatever you’re wearing, bring more than you need. In a field, they never dry.

Stay fresh. We know, not easy when you haven’t showered for five days. But a spray of antiperspirant goes a long way. If there’s showers, brave the line and bust out your favorite Lynx body wash, for first-day freshness from morn to dawn.

If you’re planning on making moves on the dancefloor, you’ll want the outfit to pull them off. Jeans, T-shirt, and an open shirt are a winning combo when it comes to looking the part. Beat off the B.O with Lynx antiperspirant that’s sure  to keep up with the pace. And spray on a dose of Body Spray too, to keep you feeling as fresh as those moves.

Forget fancy footwear and wear your casual kicks instead. Unless they’re your favorite white sneakers that is. In which case, don’t. Because you won’t find anything that will restore them to their former selves when all the fun wears off. Nothing. Nada.

Rocking up straight from long day at college? Stash a fresh set threads of in your backpack for a style refresh just in time for that opening track.                                   

It’s time to experiment. A bright color. A bold print. A hat. Why not try out something new? Anything goes here. And if you’re not ready to go all out, your accessories are a great place to start. 

And once you’ve found your winning style, don’t let it down by smelling anything less than fresh. Sharp threads count for nothing if you hum like a roadie who’s been lugging speakers round all day. In the crush of the crowd, there’s nowhere to hide. So, arm up with Lynx antiperspirant. And rock the night out the right way. Your way.