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How does Bumble work for guys?

Bumble. How does it work? What’s with the fuzzier, friendlier dating app vibes?

Well, there are three different versions. There’s Bumble BFF (for finding friends), Bumble Bizz (for business networking), and Bumble Date (for finding your QWEEN bae). Sorry not sorry.

We’re going to focus on Bumble Date, obviously, but you should check out Bumble BFF too; who wouldn’t want a couple more mates to socially distance with?


  • Bumble is similar to other dating apps in that you set up your profile and your parameters (such as distance, age etc.). Then you’ve got your ‘advanced’ filters. With these filters, you can choose to only see the profiles of people who have pets, who frequently exercise, or even people with a certain star sign or political view.
  • After you’ve set everything up, profiles pop up for you to swipe on. Left for no, right for yes. There are also ‘SuperSwipes’ which let girls know you’ve liked their profile as they’re swiping.
  • There’s also a ‘Backtrack’ feature which allows you to go back to a previous swipe (in case you’re being a bit too quick to find your love at first swipe).
  • The differences between how Bumble works for guys and how it works for girls become clearer when you get to the fun bit. The messaging.
And remember, it’s not about the number of people you match with, it’s about matching the right one!

And remember, it’s not about the number of people you match with, it’s about matching the right one!


Understanding how Bumble works for men is a bit different to other dating sites. On Bumble, only girls can message first as they have ‘First Move’ privileges. This means that when you match, you have to wait for them to message you. So, play it cool. 

They then have 24 hours to start a conversation with you, or the match expires forever (unless they’ve paid for the ‘boost membership’, in which case they can extend that 24-hour ‘match timer’ for as long as they like). 

Once they do message you (they’ll totally message you), you just need to message her back, and the match is locked in. No more timers – just the time to work your magic.


If you’re hitting the dating scene hard, you might want to spend some money to change how Bumble works for you. It’s a paid, monthly subscription like Netflix, and you might not need it – but the option to boost your game is always fun. This advice will sort you out anyway – but we may as well let you know about the differences:

  • You can see who’s already interested in you, and who has potentially already swiped on your profile.
  • You can rematch with someone if your match with them expires.
  • You can extend the ‘match timer’ so that you can wait as long as you want to find that perfect reaction gif or one-liner.
  • You get unlimited filters so you can be as picky as you want. 

And that’s it. You now know your way around this app like the back of your hand. Which is a good thing because the front of your hand is gonna be busy swiping. And remember, it’s not about the number of people you match with, it’s about matching the right one!