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Slam funk: What is a rebound relationship?

In basketball, a rebound is a good thing, a routine part of the game that fulfils an otherwise missed opportunity. So why then, IRL, are we programmed to think a rebound relationship is more slam funk than slam dunk, something doomed to fail? Do rebound relationships work? And if so, how long do rebounds last?

This one goes out to all the dreamers.



The rebound is like that weird time between Xmas and New Year… if Xmas was your ex (clever), and New Year your new beau. We’re still recovering from the Xmas lunch-induced food coma and mourning the loss of the big day with nothing but January to look forward to. Like that extra plate of cheese, you probably shouldn’t eat, the rebound is tempting, despite heavy and confusing feelings (brie or stilton?).

But in real life, the rebound relationship stages aren’t as clear cut as a festive metaphor... Sometimes, that extra cheese plate can even be a good thing: 

Opportunities to meet people everywhere

Life is short, we deserve to feel happy

  1. It can help you move on. The rebound, not the cheese. Thinking about someone else in the way that we previously thought about our ex can be a very healthy thing… signs that we’re letting ourselves feel something again. Relaxing enough to feel close to someone is a beautiful thing, and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up about it. Plus, it’s exciting getting to know someone new, and likely a good distraction from feeling down and being stuck in our own head. Life is short, we deserve to feel happy. 
  2. It can give you a confidence boost. Whether you’re the dumper or the dumpee, the end of a relationship normally feels absolutely pants. Confidence can take a nose-dive, and knowing that someone new finds you attractive in that way is a good feeling. Repeat: life is short, we deserve to feel happy.



It totally depends on who you start dating. 

Some rebound relationships might not last long but it’s still good to get that confidence boost and get back in the game. 

And some rebound relationships might make you think: Wow, so this is what I’ve been missing out on. 

Whether it works out or not, you’re on the road to realising that the relationship you were trying to get over in the first place wasn’t a big deal.

But what makes you happy is probably different to someone else reading this – so go with your gut and forget the labels. Do rebound relationships work? Well, that one’s up to you.