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Break the ice: first date conversations, questions, and topics

You’ve done it. You’ve actually gone and done it, you mad lad. Date secured. Maybe you’ve finessed (R1+O) it on Tinder or Bumble, maybe your smooth talk has done wonders, maybe your crush said you could go on a date if you got enough likes on your TikTok, or if your tweet went did numbers.

But wait. What about the whole ‘date’ thing? They might have said yes, but now you want the date to be awesome.

Pop these good first date questions and fire first date topics in your back pocket (because random silences happen at the to the best of us).

Even if you’re just stuck in your bedroom, you can make it look like you’re on a tropical island with some filters and stuff.

Try keeping first date conversations fairly neutral – nothing too vanilla, (save that for ice cream night), but juuuust vanilla enough to keep you both interested and comfortable sharing your opinions



If we want a chance of seeing them again, we need to know what to talk about on a first date. The key here is talking about topics you can both have an opinion on. Try keeping first date conversations fairly neutral – nothing too vanilla, (save that for ice cream night), but juuuust vanilla enough to keep you both interested and comfortable sharing your opinions:

  • Music. The universal language. Start by talking about your different tastes, the best gigs you’ve been to, what you do when you listen to music (tread carefully with that one). If that’s all going pretty smoothly, creating a shared playlist is the only way to go. Show them the hidden gems you’ve found and ask them to show you a song from that artist you haven’t stanned. Yet.
  • YouTube. Everyone watches YouTube. Talk about the best videos you’ve seen in the last month, favourite channels, and what their video ideas would be if they had a YouTube channel.
  • Travelling. Another classic. Best trips, dream trips, hidden spots in their hometown. The song they hear in their head whenever they’re staring out a car window in the rain whilst pretending they’re in a movie. Normal stuff.
  • Pets and animals. If they’ve got a pet, chances are they’re going to go OFF talking about them. If they don’t? Talk about ideal pets, animals that’d make fun pets if they weren’t impractical/illegal/imaginary, and when all else fails, pet videos on Instagram.
  • Bad dates. There’s no chance they’ll mention the date they’re on if you’ve used our sweet advice.

But what if you’re not a vanilla guy? What if you’re daring? What if you’re mint choc chip? Check out these questions to ask a guy or girl to make them laugh, or these good first date questions to keep in mind if you’re a trailblazer.




Knowing some questions to ask on a first date will save you from experiencing any silent moments or long pauses. If things go silent for a second, maybe pretend you’re a mime artist who practices when they can...?

Here are some questions to ask your crush to make them realise you’re awesome so that they’ll start thinking about that second date:

  1. What's a dream you can vividly remember? We’ve all been having pretty weird dreams lately, so this question should be easy to answer. It’s also a great one to get to know your crush a bit better on a subconscious level. Probably no need to go all Freud on a first date with a couch and a notepad, but this question can become a gateway to a more meaningful first date conversation.
  2. Have you ever had a secret handshake? While this may seem a bit random don’t be fooled. It’ll reveal if your date is part of some obscure secret society. It might also tell you something about their friends and stuff.
  3. What's a song that always gets you in a happier mood? This is a great one if you end up getting together. You can always play the song you talked about on the first date to lighten the mood. Unless the music that makes them happy is death metal – that’s a tricky one.
  4. If you could move to another country, where would you move to? This will let you know if they like the heat or the cold. Sun loungers or snowballs. Ice creams or icicles. Who knows, maybe one day you even get to visit that dream country together.
  5. Shall we do this again sometime? An essential question to ask at the end of the first date, provided, you actually want to see them again…


It’s time to get out there. You’ve had the lowdown on what to talk about on a first date – all that’s left is making sure you look and smell the part. Keep things cool and calm with Lynx Ice Chill daily fragrance and its little bit of somethin’ somethin’ for zesty but chill vibes. Or smell ready for the unexpected with a quick spritz of this cheeky collision of scents.

And remember, even if they’re not the one, the experience will help you feel more confident for any dates you go on in the future! Go forth and date like it was your destiny.