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Funny Bumble bios to make you stand out

Bumble has shaken up the dating app game. It’s no longer about taking a decent photo of yourself and coasting on that for right-swipes for the next couple of years – it’s time to show off your personality. And that means writing a sick bio.


But we’ve got this, we really have. Remember, on Bumble, they have to start the conversation – the best Bumble profile out there is one that gets them talking. So, with that in mind, have a look at these Bumble bio ideas for conversation starters to bury Hey how r u forever.

A bio is not a biography

It’s called a bio and not a biography for a reason. Keep it short and save the life story for when your rap/gaming/IG career blows up.

What makes a good Bumble bio?

First off, try to be yourself – some of these might not tickle your pickle and that’s okay. How to write a Bumble profile is an individual thing but some fundamentals are key. That’s why this cheeky little list of Bumble bio tips is a handy one to remember:

  • Less is more. It’s called a bio and not a biography for a reason. Keep it short and save the life story for when your rap/gaming/IG career blows up and Louis Theroux comes calling. This is the appetiser; leave them with room for the main course i.e. you (but not in a weird way).
  • Enjoy the spotlight. Highlight your personality and character. Show off. If you’re a bit of a joker, show that with a funny Bumble bio. Got great music taste? List the acts/people you want to see the most. Caught a giant fish? Weird flex but ok.
  • Don’t just copy our ideas. Seriously, dating is hard work for all of us – so put some effort in with an original spin. Bio templates are handy but mix it up. Or go all in and paste this entire article into your bio. Dare you. 
  • Add some emojis if you feel like it. An emoji paints a thousand words (less is more).

How to write a Bumble profile: a few ideas

It’s best to steer clear of fixed templates, but the following are pretty customisable, leaving plenty of room for your own brand of spice:

1. Pros and cons:  

Short and sweet, and a funny way to share some facts about yourself while gauging how compatible you are with the flame about to swipe right.

Daniel (19)


Loves photography Comes with dog and camper van

Has a collection of hoodies


Turns every selfie into a photoshoot

The dog is shedding a lot

Every hoodie is covered in dog hair


Tim (21)


Loves pizza and cuddling (not always in that order)


Diet and body type = doughy, twitchy sleeper


2. Make them start the conversation: 

Bid farewell to boring small talk and give them a head start.

Elijah (22)

Me in 20 seconds: Never seen Riverdale (but will watch with some convincing), big fan of white chocolate (even though it’s not real chocolate – Google it), last trip pre-lockdown was to Guatemala (wish I’d stayed there now tbh).

You in 20 seconds: GO


Henry (24)

Savoury > Sweet

Coachella > Glasto

The Office UK > The Office US

… how well will we get along?


Ali (18)

Two truths, one lie: I had a pint with Harry Styles. Once got kicked out of an all-you-can-eat buffet for ‘unsporting conduct’. I’m training to run a marathon. Placing bets, you won’t get this…


3. Get to the point:  

Not up for pointless chit-chat that won’t lead anywhere? Make sure to get straight to the point on things that are important to you: 

Tion (20)

Looking for someone that loves the outdoors. If you prefer heels and acrylic nails – do yourself a favour and swipe left (if your nails let you).


Andrew (22)

You don’t like Mexican food, the beach, and a few socially distanced drinks in the park? This one isn’t for you, chief.


Your own brand of the best Bumble profile is only a few clicks away with these starters. And remember, use some Lynx Africa Body Spray before your actual date; makes sure all your bio writing efforts weren’t for nothing and you smell great – even from afar.