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We don't have to take our clothes off: Funny dating tips

The wise philosopher Jermaine Stewart once said, ‘we don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time’. (That might be one of the safer links you’ll ever click that’s about people taking their clothes off). 

First dates can be nervy, so it’s worth focusing on some funny first date questions designed to keep things light. Remember these funny dating tips to ensure you’re not just staring at your own webcam because you’re looking like a supermodel in that light/ hiding in the restaurant bathroom, wondering if you’d fit out the window/ unable to try and hold your date's hand because your hands are sweating more than being in the final circle in Warzone.



  1. Will you do this tutorial with me? Funniest over video chat, this one is decent for more of a virtual hands-on (steady) approach. You know the drill by now. Simply split your screen, and you’re good to go. Line up a weird-sounding YouTube tutorial for both of you to attempt. At the very least, it’ll be funny. Whether you learn how to do that TikTok dance (you know the one… with the music…), or how to solve a Rubik’s cube (this is much easier if you have a Rubik’s cube), you’ll definitely end up having some funny date conversations over video chat. 
  2. What’s your favourite country to visit, and shall we go there tomorrow night? Let your date pick a country and then embrace the culture. Traditional dress anyone? Fun date conversations are best enjoyed wearing a sombrero and some novelty maracas (not really, but you get the idea). Use Snapchat or TikTok to make things that little bit more extra. Whip up famous cuisine over Zoom, compete to find the funniest/ most interesting fact about the country (Nigeria has the highest birth rate of twins per country, just saying) or throw a Netflix Party and chill with films set in those countries. Then just shoot the breeze planning your eventual trip away together. 
  3. What’s your guilty pleasure? Funny questions to ask on a first date sometimes need an injection of banter to get things going. Old but gold, the guilty pleasure question is a chance to see the hidden side of the person you’re video chatting. They might mention a cringey box set on Netflix, or they might be a bit more adventurous –– either way, it should lead to some fun date conversations that avoid going down the route of, what’s your favourite film? A good date is an awake date. 


If we’re to believe the internet, you shouldn’t even be listening to this article. The danger is that we try too hard… but, amidst all the weird tips out there, there are some pretty weird ones that might actually help

top tip for funny date questions

It’s not all about funny first date questions to ask a woman – you’ll have a better (funnier) time if you’re relaxed and confident, so try these on for size

  1. Arrive early / prepare. Whether it’s hanging out online or socially distancing, we stand a better chance by showing up before the other person. It’s old-fashioned but sort of nice, and shows we’re committed to making it a good time. It’s cool to care (I’m not cringing, you’re cringing). Also, prepare a little! If it’s a video chat, check yourself before calling –– clean the room a little, smooth down the brows, make sure you’re wearing something that resembles trousers.
  2. Mimic moves (but subtly). Alright, be extra careful with this one. Subtly mimicking the other person’s movements is supposed to show you’re listening and involved in the date… it’s all about the body language. Did they just look away (obviously not because of anything you’re doing)? Then maybe you should too. Sip that drink and watch them do the same. Symmetry, it’s a beautiful thing – but don’t go to the toilet with them if they excuse themselves.
  3. Suggest another date. If the date’s gone well, then suggest another one. It shows quite a bit of balls without actually showing any (remember Jermaine Stewart’s song from earlier) and cuts through all the potential will they / won’t they follow-up over messaging. 

Simplicity at its best. With these six funny dating tips and Jermaine Stewart sounding in your heart, you’re bound to have a good time. Clothes intact. For now.