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Funny questions to ask a girl or guy

Sometimes you’ve got to just cut through all the other messages in their DMs and be hilarious. It’s time to make your crush cry tears of laughter (that’s the good kind of tears – would not recommend the other types)…  

Sometimes the best way to get to know someone is through some old-school, light-hearted chat. A set of funny questions to ask which don’t seem too scripted will keep things upbeat. Whether it’s how to make a girl laugh over text, examples of funny questions to ask a girl or guy to initiate a conversation or funny things to ask your girlfriend or boyfriend, relax… you’ve come to the right place.


Humour is the ultimate icebreaker, so if the conversation has dried up either in person or in the DMs, school yourself with these funny questions to ask. All of us should have a store of these, memorised and ready to go (but not, like, actually memorised):

  1. If someone were to play you in a romcom, who would it be and why? As far as funny questions go, this is a safe start for when you’re trying to get to know your crush. I mean, you’re mixing romance and comedy from the word go, what’s not to like??? You’ll get a good feel for their sense of humour and what they’re into depending on who they pick, which is perfect for moving on to some more funny questions to ask – you’ll know where you stand.
  2. Would you rather…? This format never gets old… try it, seriously. Would you rather have spaghetti for hair or eat hair spaghetti once a week for the rest of your life? The only limit is your imagination. With a bit of luck, these funny questions to ask each other will escalate until you’re both crying with laughter.
  3. What’s the worst chat-up line you’ve had? Take the pressure off yourself by throwing some shade towards the guys they’ve aired. This is one of those funny things to say to your crush right before you deliver your very own worst chat-up line (to show you can take it as well as giving it, of course).


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Would you rather have spaghetti for hair or eat hair spaghetti once a week for the rest of your life?


When it comes to texting, the rules are slightly different. You can afford to be a little more playful. The aim of funny texting a girl or guy is to see them in real life so you can try out your lines in an actual conversation. 

Try a gif or meme, of course. Send them something that only they will get. Maybe you both saw the same film or tv show, or you live in the same area – have a think about something that you both find funny and then send them that stuff. It doesn’t matter how dumb or small the thing is – even the right meme about ‘breathing’ or ‘drinking water’ can be funny. Have a look through the meme album on your phone… oh, just us? Alright. 


Here’s a funny question to ask your girlfriend or boyfriend: ‘Why are you with me?’. We’re kidding.  Whoever you’re dating is already going to like your sense of humour and you’ve probably both grown beautifully weird together. But more-weird is good, so check these questions out:

  1. What’s been our worst date and why? Even if you’ve actually had a bad date, you can still both try to see the funny side. And if you haven’t had a bad date yet then just really concentrate on making the next one as rubbish as possible so that you’ve got a good answer to this question whenever you next ask it.
  2. When did you realise you wanted to go out with me? Different people have different ideas about this one. You might think it was when you ate twelve inches of sandwich and then finished off the six inches of theirs because they were full. Or when you commanded your squad to your third Warzone dub of the night. And, as impressive as they are, their moment of realisation probably came when you did something hilarious or randomly thoughtful. The sandwich thing defo helped too though.


    Laughter is ALWAYS the answer. Have fun with these funny questions to ask a girl or guy, regardless of whether you’re headed for that second date or not!