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What to comment on a girl's picture on Instagram

You’re sat flicking through IG at 100mph. Dank meme. Influencer giving away clothes with the code ‘ALEX100%OFF’. A video showing you that you’ve been using a cheese grater wrong your entire life. BUT THEN: Someone appears and they’re exactly your type. It’s time to stop scrolling and start typing.

You want to know what to comment on a girl’s picture to impress her? It’s cool. Here’s our advice for the best comments for a girl’s pic on Instagram. 


Take a second to think whilst you’re pondering over how many heart-eyed emojis to use in your comment – how well do you know this girl? Is she going to get that notification and go, ‘Who on earth is this guy?’?. 

Your comments for girls on Instagram are way more likely to get aired if you’re a complete random. We’d say you should only leave comments for a girl’s pic on Instagram if you know them well enough to say ‘hi’ to them on the street.



OK. You know the girl. Cool. Now before we give you the advice on what to comment on a girl’s picture on Instagram, you’ve got to choose the photo you’re going to comment on. This is as important as drafting any comments for her Instagram pic. We’d suggest: 

  • Choose a recent photo… She might have gone to a rave five years ago that you happened to be at – but if you comment on a picture that old, you’re going to look like you’re Insta-stalking like a mad man.
  • …but not too recent. If you’ve refreshed your feed and you see a photo that’s like: ‘published 0 minutes ago, 0 likes, 0 comments’, let it breathe for an hour or two. It’s cool to have notifications on for your boy’s posts to hype them up – but your crush might be confused at a rapid comment. 
  • Take a trip down memory lane. Try and remember some of your previous comments for girls on Instagram. Try mixing it up a bit and commenting on different types of photos – not just the holiday pics.

Opportunities to meet people everywhere

It’s cool to have notifications on for your boy’s posts to hype them up – but your crush might be confused at a rapid comment


The best comments for girls’ pics on Instagram are the ones that would work if you said them to a girl in real-life. Here’s a few ideas that’ll get things started:

  • Ask questions. Ask a question about the photo, or what the girl was thinking/feeling during the moment the photo was taken (if it’s a photo of something like bungee jumping – this might be a bit deep for a mirror selfie).
  • Mention something you have in common. Talk about your experience if it’s a photo of something you’ve done – like, if you’ve been to that restaurant before or on holiday to the country they’re in. 
  • Keep it public. Make your comments on their photo but try not to cut to the chase by asking them to DM you – that’s one quick way to look thirsty and get blanked.
  • Leave a comment that doesn’t need an answer. You can’t get blanked if your comment doesn’t need a response! Putting some positive vibes in a comment is always a good thing. 

That’s all there is to it. To be honest, it doesn’t need a massive amount of thought – sometimes overthinking a comment stops it from being chill. So, just find your picture and shoot your shot. You’ve got it.