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How to flirt: The best ways to flirt with a girl or guy

Flirting is tough. You might think you’re laying it on thick only to find out your crush had no idea you were into them. Or you might just be that guy who everyone wants to be around and not realise a load of girls are getting those vibes from you when you’re just trying to have fun.

Like carrying all of the shopping bags into your house in one go – it’s all about balance.

So here’s what’s up:



Knowing how to lowkey flirt takes more practice than doing a Tik Tok duet. But you’ll be one of the chosen few who know how to flirt without looking and feeling cringy. Check out these flirty things to say to a girl: 

  1. You need to be attentive. The more attention you give a girl, the easier it is to remember all of the little (and big) things about her. If you can always throw in a reference to her favourite band or restaurant then you’ve got the chance to be a bit cheeky. Just make sure you’re attentive in person though. If you’re attentive to her Instagram page and your bucket-list destinations are the same as all the holidays she’s been on since 2017 then things might get awkward.  


  2. Give compliments you mean. Any compliment you give is going to sound more natural coming out your mouth if you mean it. If you tell someone ‘nice shoes’ and they’ve got faux fur Crocs on – they might be able to tell by the look on your face that it’s not totally genuine. Part of how to flirt is coming across as cool to be around – so be genuine! Oh, and sorry Crocs.


  3. Be confident. Confidence is attractive to almost everyone. Yeah, the 🥺👉👈 stuff is funny but we’re don’t think it’s great for flirting. Confidence is about being comfortable with rejection and not caring too much about what anyone else thinks about you. And if you’re ever pressed just ask yourself what the most confident person in the world would do – then do that.


That’s kinda it. Simple, we know. And even if you flirt and your crush isn’t feeling it – they’ll at least appreciate the compliment. But if it works? Well, you’ve got it – we believe in you.

Advice to avoid pick up lines

There are better ways to talk to a girl or guy without sounding like you’ve swallowed a search engine. 


We get it, approaching your crush can be intimidating, and sometimes the mind just blanks. Here’s how to subtly flirt and avoid the most bait flirting traps (and it’s cool if you’ve flopped in the past – this you 2.0).

  1. Be original. If you’ve convinced yourself to talk to a girl or guy you’re into, don’t just take the easy way and use a dead pick-up line – they deserve more than that. There may be some exceptions, but in general – they’ll have heard all those corny pick-up lines before. Things like, “Is your name Google? Because you have everything I’ve been searching for” will just get aired. There are better ways to talk to a girl or guy without sounding like you’ve swallowed a search engine.    


  2. Be yourself. We get that it can be tempting to act around and play games, but if you’re looking for something real, these tactics won’t get you anywhere. The worst that can happen by just being yourself is that you get rejected. At least you find out they’re not gonna be a good match, and you didn’t make a fool out of yourself.


  3. Don’t forget about body language. Learning how to subtly flirt is as much about body language as it is anything else. There are plenty of body language rules to be found on the Internet, but forget about them. 


    As long as you’re not making them feel uncomfortable by standing waaay too close or staring way too hard, you’re alright. Just be natural and do what feels right in the moment. 


    Download these ideas for the best ways to flirt with a girl into your brain (or, you know, just screenshot it). And remember, flirting is just a bit of fun. And if it leads somewhere? Awesome. If it doesn’t? You’ve might have made someone’s day. Beautiful.