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How to get over your ex

Let’s talk about how to move on from your ex-girlfriend. To be completely honest – you might not have much choice for a lot of them. It’s not like you can shapeshift into a different person (unless your relationship can survive using photo filters), move 300 miles across the country (see ya, Mum), or become more emotionally mature (ok, well maybe we can help with that last one one).


Every break-up is different and that means getting over your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend is going to be different every time – you’re best off having a load of options to choose from and using them whenever you need them. 


And because every break-up is different, we’ve got some stories from a few people talking about how to get over a breakup:


Michael, 17, on how to get over a girlfriend

I know people think the girl they’ve met is ‘the one’ when they’re 17 but this guy was in too deep. I knew the girl too and I think she’d been playing him a bit, but he wouldn’t listen. 


Then she got an actual boyfriend during summer and my dude was crushed. We were hanging out all summer and luckily, I’ve got a double bed, so I just let him sleep with me and we talked a lot of rubbish till we fell asleep. It kept his mind off it. It’s probably why we’re so tight now. I still think that’s the best way to get over an ex-girlfriend. I love that guy.


Nadia, 15, on how to get over your ex

I didn’t know how to get over a break-up. I followed my parent’s Rom-Com advice about crying into a tub of ice cream while watching a sad film. I got 20 minutes into the film and realised the two main characters had the same names as me and my ex, so I turned it off, made a video about it and actually found it useful to like vlog my way through my breakup.


Ethan, 18, on how to get over your ex-girlfriend

I was in a three-year relationship that I wasn’t happy in, so I broke it off. Even though I was the one that broke up with her, I still missed her, and I didn’t know how to get over a girlfriend because I’d never had one before. My mates knew I’d been unhappy, and they reminded me that I would find someone else better for me. I’ve been single six months and not met anyone else yet, but that idea always helps me out.


The lowdown

Getting over your ex-girlfriend, boyfriend, or partner is always going be tough at the beginning but trust the process – things are bound to change over time! Try to always think about the relationship as a whole and remember that there were good bits and bad bits. 


At the end of the day, you might find that the breakup taught you some invaluable lessons and now you’re even more equipped to be happier by yourself, or eventually, with someone else who is perfect for you!