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Girl and guy smiling and taking a selfie


How to take a good profile picture that won’t make you look like a weirdo

You’re walking around the house and you’ve caught your reflection the fridge door – you’re looking like more of a snack that whatever’s in there. In fact, you’re looking so damn good that you want everyone else to get today’s look as their first impression of you when they come across you on Tinder, or Bumble, or whatever you’re using.

But then you take that photo – and it doesn’t look like the chiselled-macho-man/ high-cheek-boned-popstar/ streetwear-influencer that you’ve seen in every mirror throughout the day.

In real life, you’re looking like 1995 Leo DiCaprio. On your phone screen, you’re looking like 1595 Leo da Vinci. (Let’s hope da Vinci isn’t reading this right now or we’re in trouble (you never know, he could have invented a time machine)).

So, here are some profile picture ideas for guys who need some inspiration and some Tinder pic ideas for guys who have tried everything. And if you run into da Vinci, apologise on our behalf and maybe ask him to paint you a profile pic? 


If you want to know how to take a good profile picture – guys, here’s what you should stay away from. It doesn’t matter if any of your current pictures break these rules – this is a place for love and acceptance. And Tinder picture tips.

  • Group photos. Dating is tough enough as it is, and your potential match might struggle to pick out which three pixels you are in a big group picture. Stick a group photo somewhere in the mix – it’s good to show that you leave your bedroom.
  • Over-cropping. Don’t think the best Tinder pictures for guys need to go the other way and only show your face. If you crop too closely around your face, then your picture might look like potato-esque. People like French fries though, so that could work…
  • Covering your face. Maybe you’re going for mysterious. Or intimidating. Or playful. Or maybe you’re covering that spot that just won’t go away. Whatever it is – try taking the same photo with your face showing. You’ll feel more confident for it!


top tips for profile pics

In real life, you’re looking like 1995 Leo DiCaprio. On your phone screen, you’re looking like 1595 Leo da Vinci. 


The best Tinder pictures for guys will have these three things in common. Go and see for yourself if you don’t think so. Oh, you’ve found they don’t? @ us on Twitter or something and we’ll definitely change this list…

  • Choose an original background. Pictures taken against your white bedroom wall are 200% more likely to appear on the front page of a newspaper with the headline ‘Local man arrested after stroking bread in a supermarket’. Make sure your photo shows off somewhere you’ve been, one of your hobbies, or even just a colourful background that’ll help your profile stand out. Unless everyone reads this and follows our advice… whatever you go for, make it unique! 
  • Get some good lighting. If that sunlight hits your face right, then you’ll get that ‘hot guy in an indie movie’ vibe. Experiment taking photos at different times of the day and in different places. Apart from at night – would you date someone who thinks they’re a vampire?
  • Don’t go overboard with the filters. The best Tinder pictures for guys don’t go crazy with the filters. This is a chance to show off your features that you secretly like about yourself but might not want to shout about. Although, if those features happen to be giant cartoon eyes or big pair of bunny ears shooting out your head, then go for it. 

Let’s be honest, Tinder picture tips can only do so much. What’s more important is that the person in front of the camera (that’s you btw) is happy and confident enough to not care if they can’t take an amazing picture of themselves. A positive mental attitude and a smile will make any dating profile picture come alive. And – bonus – it’ll make you more attractive in real life too!