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How to text a girl without getting left ‘on read’

You’ve got their number and you’re buzzing – you’re playing it cool but on the inside, you’re like a fireworks-factory explosion jumping on a trampoline. 

That’s the hard bit done. Well, some of it anyway. Now you’ve got to text your crush without getting aired. But it’s cool if you don’t know where to start – we’ve got you covered.

Unless they like sea lions. Then that might a good one actually…

Unless they like sea lions. Then that might be a good one actually…



Remember what it is you like about your crush. How did you two meet? Because when it comes to what to text a girl initially, a little bit of personalisation goes a very long way. To get you started, have a go at this trio of tried and tested methods for how to start texting a girl:


  1. The ‘saw this and thought of you’ tactic. This one works as long as you’ve seen something cute, like, ‘Oh I saw this puppy falling asleep and it made me think of when I tried to tell you that movie was good’ rather than if you’ve seen something like ‘I saw a video of this sea lion that yawns exactly like you!’. That’s not how to impress a girl over text. Unless they like sea lions. Then that might be a good one actually…
  2. Speak their language!  Remembering what tv show they’re into at the moment can be a great way for how to start texting a girl or guy. Try sending some gifs or memes about the show. Similarly, maybe travel is more her thing? Why not start the chat with a little light-hearted role play: ‘what would your IG captions be if we were taking photos in Paris this weekend?’.
  3. Avoid being too mysterious or vague. When it comes to knowing what to text a girl from the jump, try to avoid the ‘hey, how are you?’ opener. Your main goal when you’re thinking of what to text a girl is to get them interested enough to text back. Say something random; just say whatever you’re feeling. Channel your mood and just talk.




They’ve started texting back – nice one. You’ve probably got it from here but here are some ideas on what to say to a girl over text and how to impress a girl over text with your chat.


  • Keep it positive. Keep it fun and light. Obviously, you can talk about serious topics but it’s easier to flirt when you’re talking about your day or your personal jokes. But if you can flirt whilst talking about climate change or politics then that’s actually kind of impressive.
  • Get supreme with memes. Some of the best texts to send to your crush can just be a gif or a meme. Sometimes what you need to say to a girl over text is better said by Michael Scott or SpongeBob. 
  • Practice your finishing. Not the Messi kind. We mean you shouldn’t be afraid to end a conversation. If your chats drag more than RuPaul; say ‘seeya later’ and text them back another time. It’ll make all your text conversations seem fresher. 
  • Ask them out. If you’ve noticed they’re replying straight away, or you notice they’re making as much effort as you are – just fully send it. Sometimes knowing what to say to a girl over text is knowing when to stop texting and start meeting up.

So, that’s how to text a girl or guy! And just think when you’re next wondering about what to text a girl: they’re just a person too so just have fuuuun.