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How to use Grindr (a beginner's guide)

Dating apps can be pretty intimidating for anyone using them, and Grindr is no exception! So, we thought we’d give you the lowdown. Before you jump into the world of online dating, here’s everything you need to know about an app which, simply put, lets guys meet other guys.

What is the Grindr app used for?

It’s cool if you don’t know much about Grindr – for some people, it’s their first experience of a dating app.

So, what is Grindr for? It’s a dating app for people to talk and meet – just like Tinder. But, unlike Tinder, Grindr is exclusively guys meeting other guys.

If you’re using Grindr, you’ll be looking to find someone who could become your future date, which can be hard IRL. Not only do you have to actually flirt with someone, but you also have to try and guess if they’re on the same page as you, which can be a real minefield. Grindr removes all those problems so that you can get on with livening up your love life without hassle. There’s a sort of community vibe which can be missing from other dating apps.

There’s nothing wrong with a simple face picture to say you’re Mr Right

There’s nothing wrong with a simple face picture to say you’re Mr Right 


Before you chuck yourself into a world of fire emojis and flirty messages, we’ll give you some tips on how to use the app and some helpful pointers for anyone asking themselves, ‘what is Grindr like?’.

When you first get Grindr, you’ll have to upload some photos and a bio to show the rest of the world who you are. Remember to be completely honest with this – your potential partner (no pressure) will crush on the real you, so put yourself out there exactly as you are. We suggest uploading some pictures of you on your own – there’s nothing wrong with a simple face picture to say you’re Mr Right – as well as some snaps doing a hobby or activity you love.

You can also enter other info, such as your height and what you’re looking for to give people a better idea of who you are. Once your profile is all set, you’re ready to start looking for a match! Start out with some kind of idea of what you might be looking for – it’ll make it easier to decide who’s floating your boat. Play it safe and have these rules in mind.

Getting out into the world of dating isn’t always easy, so apps like Grindr can be an absolute saviour! Just remember to take your time – even if it doesn’t work straight away, your match will come along soon enough.