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How to flirt over text: 101

These days, whole relationships exist online; we spend more time texting than talking, which means we’ve probably all sent one aubergine too many or misinterpreted the wink face at some point in our lives. Flirty texts can be a soupy mess, so here’s how to avoid getting lost in translation –– the texting spoon to your fork, if you will.


  • The normal rules of conversation don’t apply. It’s fine to ask someone how they are but on a text message it’s pretty boring and likely to be ignored –– even IRL it’s a fun sponge of a question. Flirty text messages are the best places to be a bit cheeky and creative –– be bold with something that they can’t ignore. Instead of ‘hey how r u?’, reference the last get together: ‘pretty sure I didn’t get to speak to you as much as I wanted’ or, ‘was it just me, or did you say yes to meeting up this week?’.
  • Keep it minimalist. Minimalism is the ultimate texting Feng Shui; keep your flirty text messages exactly that –– just the right amount of text to keep things interesting. Too much prose is likely to come across as overly keen. It’s all about balance –– if how to flirt on text were a sport, it would be table tennis –– pacey, and fun (but keep your eye on the ball). As tempting as they are to fall back on, limit the emojis. The odd witty usage is permitted, but timing is everything.
flirt text message advice

Flirty text messages are the best places to be a bit cheeky and creative – be bold

  • Be suggestive…Another word for flirty which sounds obvious but isn’t always. Whether it’s how to flirt with a girl over text or how to flirt with a boy, weave in a bit of suggestive messaging. That witty use of an emoji we’ve been saving is suddenly our friend here. An emoji is sometimes all we need to avoid making things too obvious. It can be flirty to playfully turn something innocent into a bit of innuendo, although, tread carefully and keep it classy.
  • It’s all in the timing. Time your texts so that you’ll be forefront of their mind throughout the day. This doesn’t mean a relentless bombardment of messaging. Remember: table tennis. Wait for them to reply before making your next move and know when to quit. A text in the morning for when they wake up, and a text before they go to sleep, is a thoughtful way of making an impression. Flirty good morning texts for her or him might innocently mention the fact that they were in your dream last night, no biggie.
  • Grammar. Yeah, so we might have just abbreviated for the sake of this article but, don’t overdo it with the text lingo. Think about which words to use, and exactly where you’re putting that exclamation point. Punctuation is the OG emoji –– so use it wisely.

So, the student becomes the master. How to flirt with a girl by text? You tell us. Flirty texts for her or him can be a laugh… so be bold and remember, you’re teeing things up for when you meet IRL. Leave a bit to the imagination and keep a little bit of mystery.