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How to use Hinge + Hinge bios that don’t suck

‘Designed to be deleted’, meet Hinge: the cool dating app cousin we never knew we needed. The hype around Hinge dating might not have tickled your pickle… YET. But if you’re interested in adding a touch of seasoned class to your dating game by learning how to use Hinge, you’re in the right place. Allegedly, these useful Hinge tips will have you deleting the app in no time. Apparently, you’ll fall in love or something? At the very least, your phone will have so much more free space. Every cloud.



Before we dive into some top Hinge tips, what IS it exactly? 

• Hinge is a location-based dating app that is aimed at singles who are serious about finding a relationship. It’s biggest differentiator from other apps is that it doesn’t use the swipe left and swipe right feature – seeya later carpal tunnel!

• So, it’s more of a relationship app… featuring an algorithm that recommends one match a day based on common interests and what both users are looking for. In short, Hinge dating is committed to creating long-lasting relationships in place of the ghosting and flings that the ‘swiping game’ often leads to.  



  • You can view your suggested matches in the ‘Discover’ section by tapping the ‘H’ icon, which then allows you to go through each profile one by one. Only after you go through every recommended profile can you view your next suggested match. Softly, softly, catchy, matchy.
  • Another feature that Hinge offers is the ability to ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on specific content on someone’s profile to encourage more natural conversations. 
  • To see who ‘liked’ your profile, simply tap the heart icon and view which parts of your profile got ‘likes’. You can then choose to pass that profile or initiate a conversation with that person. 

But before we get to the ins and outs of Hinge messages, let’s first make sure that our profile is legit. 

Softly, softly, catchy, matchy.

Softly, softly, catchy, matchy.


Armed with the Hinge dating basics, it’s time to ensure a memorable profile. If you’re on Hinge, it’s usually an indicator you’re ready for something a little more long-term. For the lazier among us, this means we need to put in a little more effort than just an ‘about me’ one-liner:

  • Start with a decent profile picture. The image should be good quality, clear, and one of you smiling (with clothes on, ideally!). 
  • The profile text is an important part of your profile and acts as a supporting role to your well-chosen photos. When choosing your Hinge prompt, go for one that will present you and your quirks best. Opt for the three prompts that will showcase what makes you, you i.e. your interests, your mates, your family, your award-winning humour, that weird fact you just learnt / Googled.


After you’ve set up the profile, it’s time to make sure that you have the best Hinge openers for when you get a match. Hinge actually ran a study and found that the worst way you can start a conversation on the app is with ‘hey’. When it comes to your Hinge openers, they recommend coming up with something unique and fun to see the best results. NO PRESSURE. 

No, but seriously, don’t let sheer terror take hold. First, avoid asking for a number or a date in the first message. We’re all for putting your best foot forward, but that’s a little too forward for a first message.

Start off your Hinge chat with something that will make whoever you’re messaging feel good about themselves. One of the simplest and most effective Hinge openers is to ask them about a particular feature of their profile – this usually works as a good hook. It’s kind of cool to go for the less obvious – try liking their chosen weird fact, rather than the pic every other potential match is going to ask them about. 



Alright, we know what we just said, but if you feel that your Hinge messages are going particularly well with one person, don’t wait too long to ask them out.

Because the only thing worse than asking them out on Hinge too early is waiting too long and missing your shot. Once you ask them on a date, you’re free to leave the Hinge messages behind and enjoy the buzz of a new relationship. 

Sometimes getting serious can be sort of fun – have a go with these tips and tricks on how to use Hinge; finding your next relationship might just hinge on it. Wahey.