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Three flirting signs you can't ignore

Found yourself going, “is she flirting with me?”. If there’s a vibe, chances are she is, but jumping to conclusions can be disastrous – never assume, it makes an ass-out-of-u-and… just you, tbh. But we’ve all been there. Check out these tell-tale signs for smooth operating.



How do girls flirt when you’re together? Let’s start by doing some basic decoding of female body language. Flirting is mostly done through non-verbal communication. We’re not talking YMCA dance moves, but every action or reaction your body has is an interaction. This isn’t foolproof, but:

  • If your crush has an open frame with her arms at her sides, chances are, she’s relaxed and interested to hear your ideas. 
  • Likewise, arms crossed usually means they’re feeling a little more guarded. 
  • Some say that if they’re touching their hair or neck, they’re likely finding your chat engaging. That’s a pretty good sign. But they could be, you know, just touching their hair or neck.
  • A smile doesn’t necessarily mean they’re into you; they might just be polite. But if their face grows more animated when they’re talking to you, and their smile reaches their eyes — think crinkles at the outer corners of their eyes rather than actual Joker-style grin — that’s an indicator that they may be enjoying your company in a beyond-friendly way.
Flirting is mostly done through non-verbal communication. We’re not talking YMCA dance moves

Flirting is mostly done through non-verbal communication. We’re not talking YMCA dance moves



Is your crush suddenly standing closer than six feet away from you? Unless you’re in an extremely crowded space where people aren’t respecting social distancing, this could be a sign that they’re into you. Remember, though, we’re entitled to our own safe space, so backing away in a non-conspicuous way is fine. Moonwalking is not one of those ways. Go grab some snacks nearby instead or greet a hopefully non-imaginary friend before returning to your conversation.




Though most human communication is non-verbal, listening to what she’s saying is still important. Are they asking lots of questions about you? Dropping the girlfriend word casually into the conversation? This at least indicates an interest in you as a person, and the gf bomb is a sure sign that things are getting personal. Both personal questions and compliments can be interpreted as flirting signs from a woman, but that’s more likely to be the case if they’re both in the mix.

What are female signs of flirting when there is no physical context, then? Check the chat over text. Sometimes a cute gif will do the job, at least as an ice breaker (everyone loves a waving bear, right?). Seriously, though: if they’re interested, they’ll keep the conversation going. If you are, it’s a good idea to do the same, unless you want the connection to fizzle out like a sad, low-quality birthday candle.

If you think you’re picking up on signs she’s flirting with you, you have two options: if you’re just not that into them, you may want to create some polite distance between the two of you. Let the sad candle burn out. But if you want to know more, you could try flirting back using the same techniques she seems to be using (maybe don’t flick your hair, though, unless you’re Jonathan van Ness).