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Tinder openers for guys so good, you might start to fancy yourself

“How to start a conversation on a dating app”. We’ve all googled it. (We’ve all googled a lot of things actually, but let’s not get into that). And there’s no shame in wanting to know the best way of turning a conversation on your phone into something more. 

We’ve found all of the good Bumble openers / the best Tinder conversation starters follow these ancient, sacred rules – so check them out. 


We’re all friends here so be honest, so you’ll know that the best Tinder conversation opener isn’t a simple ‘hey’. It’s a bit boring and you’re (definitely) not a boring person so show off a bit of your personality when you’re saying hi. 

But you’ve also got to remember that the best Tinder opening lines are lines for a reason. Nobody ever wanted to know the best-Tinder-stories-to-use-when-you-want-to-say-hi-to-someone did they? Try to keep it short.

Even if you’re just stuck in your bedroom, you can make it look like you’re on a tropical island with some filters and stuff.

Bust out your My Little Pony knowledge. But maybe not the collection of action figures. Yet.



So that’s not what to do, so just do the opposite.

Alright, alright. Try to make sure your Bumble opening lines are personal by making each one seem like you’re not just sending the same opener to everyone. Bonus points if you can say some random stuff that turns out to be true like guessing their dog’s name or their phone number (they might correct you?).

Have a look at their profile and see if there’s anything you can use. Are they into horses? Mention it. Are they into anime? That’s cool too. Oh, they’re into Anime horses? Bust out your My Little Pony knowledge. But maybe not the collection of action figures. Yet.

If that’s not the way to go, then crack a joke. Everyone has a different sense of humour so telling a joke is a good Bumble opener that’ll set you apart from everyone else. Even if it’s a terrible joke, a laugh might help you realise you’ve found someone worth talking to.


Remember these tips and tricks for good Bumble opening lines and top Tinder openers for guys, and you’ll be sure find someone who wants to discover all there is to know about you. Apart from that google search history. Keep that one to yourself.