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Freshly ironed dress trousers next to an old iron.

Style story

How to iron trousers

Smooth out your style.

Did you know one of the best tools a man can have in his style arsenal is a decent iron and ironing board? Yes, seriously.

Ironing trousers is a talent everyone possesses: you just need to unlock your inner ironing potential. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the suit is or how expensive those trousers are, if they aren’t ironed and pressed properly you may has well have turned up in your boxers or khaki shorts. 

When learning how to iron trousers, don’t have the iron too hot. It’ll take a little longer to get the creases out but wouldn’t you rather that than a burn mark? Elegance takes patience. 

  • 01


    Turn trousers inside out. Start with the pockets, laying them flat against the board.

  • 02


    Iron in this order: Flies, seams and hem on one leg. The same again on the other.

  • 03


    Line up the waistband and board. Place the trousers flies down. Iron the waistband.

  • 04


    Line legs up. Lift the top leg and iron the inside of the bottom. Flip and repeat. 

  • 05


    Get a crease: align the inseams, lay trouser legs on the board and iron over the edges.