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Is that me? Sudden changes in body odour

Ever noticed how some days at school you keep walking past people who’ve got body odour? And you start to wonder how everyone you’ve come across forgot to put deodorant on this morning? And you think to yourself ‘that’s weird’… then you notice it’s you who has the body odour.

But why the sudden change in body odour? Did your body run a quick 5km, so quick that your body, eyes, and brain didn’t realise? Nope. Sometimes sudden body odour is just a thing.

But sudden body odour in your underarms can be beaten – and we’ve got you covered.



The causes of a sudden body odour change aren’t always clear – possible reasons include:

  • Diet: Weird as it may sound, what you eat can affect the way your underarms smell (yep, we didn’t really believe it at first either, but apparently, it’s true). Whether you’re recovering from a big night out (or in) with the lads or you've eaten some particularly spicy wings, alcohol and spices can create sudden body odour changes.
  • Switching from antiperspirant: Did you know sweat is actually odourless – instead, it’s bacteria in your underarms that cause the smell. Who knew?! I guess every day’s a school day, eh? Well, antiperspirants work to fight against this bacteria, so stopping using it can cause a change in body odour. 
  • Puberty: Puberty can be pretty rough even when you’re smelling your best, so the fact that your changing hormones can also change your body odour feels like kicking a man when he’s down. But never fear, we’ve got some tips to help mask and prevent sudden body odour – read on to find out more.



Chances are, you’re not going to have a sudden change in body odour when you’re about to get in the shower. This is real-world stuff that happens at the worst time, like when you’re about to go and talk to your crush. You could tell them you’ve just been working out but that might not fly if you’ve just walked out of double Geography together…

Sometimes, you’ve just got to own the moment. You don’t need to worry about finding a bathroom or that section of the library no one goes in (Sorry, ‘Classical Literature’, someone will rediscover you one day) – whip a can of Lynx out with pride and give yourself a spray. 

They’re packed with a body-odour-busting zinc formula to get you smelling right again. And each can has an epic high-definition scent that’ll keep you smelling awesome for 48 hours. Go for a subtle, cool scent or an ice-cold vibe if you need chill.

Sometimes, you've just got to own the moment.



You’ve got a life to live and you can’t let something like a sudden body odour change in your underarms stop you from achieving your goals (duetting random people on TikTok is definitely a goal, right?).


Here’s what you need to know:


  1. Shower man down. Shower routines are a #problem. Luckily, we’ve got an awesome guide to how often you should hop in the shower to keep yourself smelling sweet.
  2. Spray cans like Banksy. Grab a can of Lynx Antiperspirant and use it whilst you’re getting ready in the morning. It fights sweat, gives you 72 hours of odour protection, and covers you in an incredible, high-definition scent. Spice up your day with Lynx Africa and feel the difference.
  3. Secure the bag. Keeping a can of body spray (or a roll on, if you’re in stealth mode) in your bag will mean you’re always ahead of the game and ready for whatever comes your way.

Everyone’s body is different, and your friends have probably also had a sudden change in their body odour at some point. But don’t let a sudden body odour change get in the way of what you want; get the right tools for the job to help you nail every moment in your day – and that way if your friends experience the same thing, you’re the guy who’s got their back (and their underarms) covered.