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Under control underarms: Does shaving armpits reduce sweat?

To shave or not to shave? Okay, so it might not be THE question, but it’s A question, and we reckon maybe even Hamlet scratched his head over it at some point. Even Shakey P’s leading man needed to smell ready back in the day.



Underarms are prone to getting a bit sweaty – it’s basic biology – sweating helps us to stay a comfortable temperature, among other things. But can we stop that uncomfortable sweaty feeling? Does shaving armpits reduce sweat? Or will using the right stuff on our underarms be enough to help us smell ready? Here’s what we reckon.



To level with you, hair doesn’t have too much to do with the amount we sweat. Putting on the old science hat for just a second (bear with, it changes state of matter at random), sweat is produced by sweat glands – we sweat when we get too hot, or if we’re feeling anxious, stressed, or nervous. The hair on our bodies doesn’t really come into it too much. Can shaving armpits stop sweating? No. In a word.

But while hair doesn’t affect whether we sweat or not, the amount of hair we have can affect how sweat feels. Long hair holds moisture, and if we have a lot of hair and we’re prone to sweating, then sweat stains could become a problem. So, while we’re not fully convinced shaving armpits reduces sweat, a trim can make things feel more comfortable and reduce the appearance of wet patches.


But while hair doesn’t affect whether we sweat or not, the amount of hair we have can affect how sweat feels.



Long underarm hair can sometimes block sweat pores, so a little bit of a trim or shave can actually help – have a look at the basics to shaving the bod in the shower, and if you’re still not convinced, no problem – shaving isn’t always the answer. A lot of feeling clean and dry is about choosing the right stuff to apply to the underarms. Get ultimate freshness with Lynx Black Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray. Its pro-scent technology with anti-sweat formula combats wetness, and all you need to do is give it a swift blast under the arms to feel 72-hour fresh. 



There’s nothing to say that full-on shaving your underarms will reduce smell, although longer underarm hair may prevent antiperspirants from working their full magic. But if you’re using a classic and irresistibly spicy scent with 72-hour freshness guaranteed, like Lynx Africa Antiperspirant, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. It’s all about smelling and feeling good – and guess what? YOU CAN HAVE BOTH. 

YEP. If you’ve been wondering whether shaving armpits reduces smell, all you really need is a good antiperspirant which will tackle odour through underarm hair. Go for 72-hour anti-sweat power for all-day fresh and dry confidence. 


Be ready for anything that comes your way and turn moments into opportunities when you smell incredibly fresh.