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Distance makes the heart grow fonder: how to survive a long-distance relationship

There are always going to be times when you can’t see your partner. Maybe you’ve been grounded (whoa, big man)? Maybe they live across the country, and you don’t have the money (or the data to watch stuff on the train) to go and visit them. Maybe there’s a global pandemic happening (it sounds unlikely, but hear us out).

Whatever the reason – you’re going to need to know how to survive a long-distance relationship and how to get through it, even if that relationship began as a short-distance one!

Here are a few stories of real people dealing with that very problem and trying to figure out how to keep a relationship strong and happy, that can also be used as ideas for how to social distance. Two problems. One awesome article. Nice.



  • Ali, 21: ‘I miss my girlfriend a lot, and because my parents have been around a lot more, they’re trying to give me relationship advice. Only problem is that when they dated (which I try not to think about, because gross) all they could do was see each other in real life. So, I’ve combined online relationship advice with their tips on how to keep a relationship strong. The way I see it, the time I’m not seeing my girlfriend is just making me realise how much I like her.’
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The way I see it, the time I’m not seeing my girlfriend is just making me realise how much I like her


  • Ben, 18: ‘I was getting to know this girl when this whole thing kicked off, so I’ve used this time to get to know her through Facetime. I followed some online relationship advice article which suggested we try scavenger hunt challenges around our homes. They’re a lot of fun – although I told her to bring something that smells to her camera. I was thinking of cheese or an old trainer, but she walked back in with her little brother. I wasn’t expecting that.’


  • Elijah, 20: ‘When I realised we weren’t going to be seeing each other for a few weeks or even months, I started to panic and immediately googled “how to get through a long-distance relationship”. Games bring people together, so we started playing football online together. It was going well until they spoke with ‘the board’ and decided I should be fired from the team for missing an open goal in a cup final. We’re still a couple but signing for her team’s rivals definitely put a strain on our relationship.’

Spending a long period away from your partner is always going to be tough, but if you’ve learnt how to get through a long-distance relationship whilst you’ve got the stress of exams (or a global pandemic, in case you forgot) going on, you’ll both be fine with any other challenges in the future. Unless they miss an open goal when you're playing football online. Then it might be time to have a word.