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Is love at first sight a real thing?

We all *think* we’ve experienced love at first sight signs in our lives. 

It’s when that bus turns up after you’ve been waiting in the rain. It’s when that striker scores a screamer on their debut. It’s when an absolute banger of a dinner magically appears on the plate when you were expecting to make yourself pasta with ketchup (again).

But does love at first sight exist in a romantic sense?

Well we’ll show you the science before you look at some guy’s love at first sight experiences. Spoiler alert: the scientists know what they’re on about.

Guy struggling to get over his ex

I couldn’t work out why I had fallen so hard. Then I realised she looked kinda like my ex-girlfriend



Before we get to the facts – let’s see what some guys thought of their love at first sight experiences. 



I was walking to a lecture at uni and I saw this girl that was absolutely amazing. I spent this entire class thinking about her, but I couldn’t work out why I had fallen so hard. Then I realised she looked kinda like my ex-girlfriend. My mates told me that rebounding with a girl that looks like your ex is cheating at getting over them. Shame.


I went to a pub quiz with my mates and I ended up answering ‘What is the most commonly spoken language in the world?’ with ‘French-Korean’ because my mind was on the guy on another table. I got his number and we started talking. Turns out they went to quizzes for the quiz – not to flirt. I embarrassed myself the next week when they realised I was not good at quizzes and things didn’t last long after that.

MIKE, 20:

I was playing mini-golf with my family (already awkward) and me and this girl kept looking at each other. I bungled it and smashed my ball off our hole on onto hers. And I got her number before my Mum could get involved and say something cringey. I’d say it was love at first sight but it’s not like we’re in love 2 months in – buzzing to see where it goes though.




You’ve heard from the guys. That love at first sight feeling is crazy. The world stops for a second. Your jaw drops like it’s heading to Verdansk. Music starts playing from flying angels. And we’re not sure how the angels can play Rap on harps and trumpets but whatever – this is your fantasy.

But is love at first sight real?

One group of scientists doesn’t think it does. They examined some guy’s love at first sight stories (and prodded them with sticks or whatever science is) and found that love at first doesn’t exist.

Those love at first signs or feelings we get only really mean there’s a stronger attraction to seeing someone for the first time than we might experience with someone else. It doesn’t mean you’re more likely to have chemistry with someone. 

Sorry guys – guess you’ll just have to fall in love the normal way. You know, by talking and stuff. 

Although, the scientists didn’t run any tests for love at first smell so maybe it’s time to find your scent and to grab a handheld fan to see if you can waft your way to a ‘what’s your number?’.