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Dual action, dual satisfaction: The deodorant that actually works

You’re about to head out into the night. There’s a different sort of energy in the air. You’re feeling good. The last thing to do before you slide out the front door is spray yourself with that new scent that’s going to change your game. The can sprays: ‘KSHTTT, KSHTTT’, and you smell EPIC. Let’s go!

But by the time you’ve almost fallen down the stairs in excitement and told your mum about where you’re going (bonus points if she believes you), the scent has disappeared quicker than your favourite chocolates from the big share-size tin. Gutted.

Let’s do something about that.


Simply put, dual-action busts odour-causing bacteria and boosts fragrance



It’s time you got your hands on a deodorant formula that actually works. Time to try the first body spray to have ‘dual action’ technology in it.

‘But how does deodorant work when it’s full of dual-action goodness?’. Simply put, dual-action busts odour-causing bacteria and boosts fragrance. So, whenever you’re using a Lynx product with dual action, you know you’re going to smell awesome from dusk ‘til dawn. It’s a deodorant that works. 




It’s time to choose your new, favourite scent. Think of it like a buffet for your brain (or the bit of your brain that does smells – we’re not scientists here, people). Here are three deodorants that’ll actually work for you.


  • Go for gold. Lynx Gold Body Spray will have you smelling irresistible for 48 hours. We’re talking high-definition scent. You know when the football on TV flips from SD to HD? That level of awesome. Lynx Gold has an oud wood and dark vanilla scent to help you feel even smoother than you already are.
  • Ice in your veins. Lynx Ice Chill Body Spray is the one to help you keep your cool when you need it most. Got to defuse a bomb while giving a big presentation – in a volcano? Go with Lynx Ice Chill and let the high-def scent of iced mint and refreshing lemon help you get the job done.
  • Rumble in the jungle. Lynx Africa Body Spray. You know the legend, but what about its dual action power behind the name? Lynx Africa Body Spray busts odour-causing bacteria and has a high-definition vanilla and geranium scent. Exotic warm spices. Super chill vibe.

That might feel like a lot to work with, but there are even more Lynx dual action body sprays to try out. And as good as those three are, your new favourite scent might be over here.




The choice for your new favourite scent might be difficult, but luckily, trying them out is easier than binging a Netflix series. Match your spray to your day. You do you. Find your scent, apply it right, and you’re good to go. 


Smell ready, take a chance and turn normal moments into irresistibly epic-smelling ones.