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guy getting his hair cut at a salon


Things we’ve learnt about male grooming during lockdown

When Skepta spat bars about shutdown, we all liked the idea. Fashion week? Shutdown. Road? Shutdown. Notice how Skepta didn’t shut down hairdressers, salons, or barbershops? Smart guy.

Fast-forward to today and it’s all shut down. Men’s grooming routines have shut down too. Hair is growing wild. Beards are in unchartered territory. We’re washing our hands 10,000 times more than we’re washing our bodies. 

We’ve noticed some guys taking the normal male grooming tips into their own (thoroughly washed) hands. Here are five things we’ve noticed guys doing (from at least a 2-metre distance).

Opportunities to meet people everywhere

Bowl cuts, DIY skin fades, short-back-and-sides – and all with some scissors and your dad’s hair clippers

1. DIY Trims

It doesn’t matter what kind of haircut you’ve got – every guy at some point has asked themselves ‘Should I get a buzz cut?’. And in lockdown, there’s no reason not to go for it. Bowl cuts, DIY skin fades, short-back-and-sides – and all with some scissors and your dad’s hair clippers. We’ve even seen some trailblazers (maniacs) try cutting their hair with a beard trimmer. But don’t try that. It’d be like trying to hack through a jungle with a pool noodle. Whatever your quaran-trim – there’s no more shampooing long hair! 

2. All dressed up

A few guys have been dressing up just for the sake of it. Like they’re going out-out. Pulling on the lucky pants. Applying a bit of the magic fragrance. Putting on the shoes that no bouncer can tell you look like trainers. Ready for Club Living Room. And that’s a beautiful thing! You can’t let the dance moves get rusty so keep it going.

3. Let it all hang out

We’ve also noticed grown out hair for men has become more popular too. Similar to the buzz cut, loads of guys have thought ‘should I grow my hair out’. And why not? Lockdown’s stressful enough as it is without having to balance six mirrors around your bathroom so that you can give yourself a haircut that’ll make you look like a Minecraft character. 

4. Beards are getting weird

Even those of us who know they can’t grow a beard are asking ‘Should I grow a beard?’. And now’s the time to give it a go. You might find out you can actually grow a decent beard if you give it enough time. Even those who have beards are seeing just how bushy they can go. 

5. Social di(stinking)

We’ve also noticed some guys aren’t showering as much (let’s just say sometimes the two-metre rule isn’t enough). Save your showers for the big moments. An online family quiz. Playing Playstation with the guys. Going to the supermarket. But when the lockdown klaxon goes off and we’re allowed outside again you might be too excited to shower. Before you go charging outside you can at least smell ready for that moment.  

You might have had to get used to shampooing long hair, or your girlfriend might have worried for her scrunchies when you asked her ‘Should I grow out my hair?’, but it’s cool. We’re all getting used to our new routines. Who knows, you might end up finding a great new style you wouldn’t have otherwise found. Explore your grooming routine, even if you can’t explore the world around you.

Back to the future

But what about when it is time to get back into the world? You’re going to want to run into the streets and see all your mates – it’s going to be a joyous moment. Until they ask why your hair looks like it was cut with a hedge trimmer and they notice some old Easter egg in your lockdown beard… but at least you can smell the part at a moment’s notice.