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The best-smelling body washes to send sparks flying

You’re late for the bus. Again. You’re running as fast as you can and you finally make it, just as the doors are closing. And there they are. You clock eyes with an absolute worldie. But, sadly, you used your regular shower gel that morning. They don’t even notice you and get back to their book. *SIGH*

What’s the lesson here?

People actually read on buses?!

No (well, maybe that, too).

The real lesson is that you’ve always got to smell ready so that you can turn a moment into an opportunity. Lucky for you, this little guide has all you need to know about finding the best-smelling body wash, so you’ll be ready for when the unexpected happens.


When choosing a scented shower gel, there are some important things to think about to make sure you get one that works for you:


  1. Clash of the titans. Using a perfumed shower gel is a great way to get yourself smelling 10/10 fresh, but make sure you choose a scent that works with your antiperspirant or deodorant. Lynx Africa is a classic combo you can’t go wrong with.
  2. Look for a body wash that smells good all day. It’s all very well-and-good smelling amazing when you get out of the shower, but realistically the only people around to appreciate it at home are your mum, and likely your cat who has boundary issues and is always *coincidentally* in the bathroom whenever you take a shower. Choose a body wash that’s going to keep you smelling fresh for 12 hours… *cough* Lynx *cough*. And if that doesn’t sound very long to you, just remember how long a lesson at school feels. (Psst, if you’re worried about body odour, check out this guide on how to smell great all day).
  3. Ingredients. Finding the best-smelling body wash for men is only half the battle – if it’s rammed full of nasty chemicals, then it’s really not worth it. Luckily, this part is pretty easy – Lynx Body Washes include kind-to skin plant-based moisturisers and derma-tested formulas. And loads of our Body Wash scents are inspired by nature. Dark Chocolate, Fresh Vanilla, Crushed Mint – and more; check them out below!
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Whether you want to maximise your energy before a big game, or you just need some (any at all) energy to get out of bed in the morning




  • Sporting glory (or the guy who struggles to get out of bed, no judgements here). Whether you want to maximise your energy before a big game, or you just need some (any at all) energy to get out of bed in the morning, try Lynx Sport Blast, for a 12-hour sport re-fresh. Its invigorating arctic mint and cool spice scent is designed to help you feel energised and ready for the next play.
  • The playboy. Looking for a body wash that smells good all day and provides pure temptation? Try Lynx Unity, with a revitalising and refined soft violet and cedarwood scent (it literally has ‘pure temptation’ on the bottle). Oh, and it’s suitable for both men and women. Do with that information what you will.
  • The daredevil. Bit of a thrill-seeker? Match your body wash to your personality with Lynx Excite. Not only does this perfume body wash provide a great, long-lasting crisp coconut and black pepper scent, but it’s designed to be invigorating, so you’re ready and raring to go in a high-pressure situation. Like coming up with a new order at a busy Drive-Thru when you’re told your go-to burger isn’t available. Getting sweaty just thinking about that one.
  • The tattoo fan. Looking for a shower gel that works extra hard? Lynx Ink Shower Gel is designed to help keep you smelling great, and your tattoos looking great. Win-win. Have a look over here for more info on how to keep your tatts looking brighter than a teeth-whitening Snapchat filter.
  • The guy looking for a subtle scent. Spent hours finding your perfect signature scent with a deodorant or aftershave and don’t want anything to overpower it? For the best smelling shower gel that won’t overwhelm, choose Lynx Ice Chill which provides a fresh, minty smell that helps get you ready for the day and won’t overpower your deodorant.

And if you’re still not sure, the rejuvenating powers of Lynx Black are a solid choice so that you can smell ready for anything.

When it comes to finding the best-smelling shower gel, men’s Body Wash from Lynx will have you smelling ready for whatever life throws your way.