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guy resting on the floor after a sweaty workout


The life-changing magic of using a deodorant for smelly armpits

There is a time in every guy’s life when he realises, he needs to start wearing deodorant. You might want to start smelling nicer for yourself (or someone else), or you might want to reduce the amount you sweat (it’s cool to work hard but look chill).  

But what about if you never had that voiceover in the shower moment? When you know, you just know, it’s time. Never fear because the time is now – this one’s for you. Oh, and here’s a recap of what deodorants are. Alright, let’s go explore how your life can change!

How a deodorant for sweaty armpits changes: dating

Without deodorant: That certain someone you’ve liked for years smiles from afar and is happy to talk online but whenever you go to say hello, they hold their nose and run away saying something about a nosebleed or hay fever even though there’s no blood and it’s December…

With deodorant: Your crush gets to know you a bit better and finds out you’re actually really funny in person and that you’re good looking but rubbish at taking photos of yourself.

top tip for roll-on

There is a time in every guy’s life when he realises, he needs to start wearing deodorant.

How a deodorant for sweaty underarms changes: sport

Without deodorant: It’s the 89th/79th/59th minute of your football/rugby/basketball game and you gather everyone in for a quick team talk in a break of play. You start waving your arms around to direct your team and you look like an octopus playing charades. But the smell escaping your arms causes several of your teammates to faint. You lose the game.

With deodorant: Your team talks become legendary and you lead your team to the highest division. You even have a ‘team talk’ with the people who organise the World Cup and your charisma (and incredible smell) convinces them to let your team into the tournament. It doesn’t matter that your team isn’t a recognised nation. Or that they’re a rugby/basketball team. They let you in. You’re that smooth.

How a deodorant for underarm odour changes: career stuff

Without deodorant: You’re terrified in your interview. And not wanting to extend your arms (and unleash the stink upon the room) you struggle to pick up your glass of water. You knock it all over the interviewer’s lap. They’re fuming and they tell you you’ll never work in this town again which sounds like a cliché from a movie but be quiet because we’re telling a story here.

With deodorant: You wow in your interview so much that the boss gives you the clothes off their back (their dress is a bit snug, but you deal with it) and the keys to their house. You seamlessly become the head of their (now your) family and increase the business’s profits by 60,000%. It’s the most profitable company of all time and you donate all the money to create world peace. Maybe the last guys weren’t trying hard enough.

Aaaaand we’re back from those bizarre parallel universes. Phew. But it’s clear to see that a deodorant for sweaty underarms will change your life in more ways than one. And if you don’t recognise these awesome realities in your own life then either you’re yet to use deodorant or you haven’t found the right one.

Grab a can – we’ve got some work to do.