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back of guy's head in shower


Make it rain! How to take a shower (properly)

You might have missed the ‘How To Shower’ lessons when you were younger. And that’s fine – they clashed with ‘Learning How To Lose On FIFA To Your Brother 101’ and ‘Introduction To Lying To Your Parents About That Lamp You Didn’t Break’ anyway.

Your shower routine might currently involve:

1. Getting in the shower

2. Letting water run over your body for 10 minutes and hoping that cleans your legs or something

3. Getting out of the shower 25 minutes after that

And you want to be as fresh as possible? ^That ain’t it, chief. Here’s what you need to know about how to use body wash when showering.

Opportunities to meet people everywhere

You’ll be walking out the door smelling like a hero!

How to shower properly

Hopefully, you’re not stood naked in your bathroom, staring at your phone, wondering what to do next. But if you are, we’ll keep it short. 

1. Turn the shower on.

Alright sure, there’s more to it than that. You’ll want to get the temperature warm enough so that it doesn’t feel like your heating has been cut off, but not so warm that your skin will become dryer than your DMs. Sorry.

2. Set it up.

Cycle through all the settings on your showerhead before realising that the first one was the best option all along. If you’ve got a shower curtain, pull it taut so that it doesn’t stick to you like a bad nickname.

3. Get yourself wet.


4. Whack the products out.

Grab your shower gel or body wash of choice. It’s up to you if you want to use your hands, a brush, or a loofah. Although if you’ve got any body piercings you might want to give the loofah a miss. Trust.

5. Use your tools.

Get your weapon of choice wet, put some shower gel on it, and gently massage your body. 

6. Missed a spot?

Just lather up again and give it another once over. Commonly missed areas include toes, lower back, the IBA (Inner Butt-cheek Area), and your entire body when you realise you’ve been singing Frank Ocean for too long and you’re running late.

7. Rinse it off.

You could try leaving it on your skin to see if it helps you slide into someone’s DMs more easily. We wouldn’t recommend. Also – sorry for roasting your DMing ability twice in an article. Here’s some help.

8. Smell fresh.

Feel fresh. 

Now that you know how to use shower gel, you’re going to be unstoppable. You might have woken up with a puddle of drool on your pillow but at least you’ll be walking out the door smelling like a hero.