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Man hygiene: How to wash your balls (and the other bits too)

So, let’s talk about balls.

I know. No foreplay there, just went straight into it. 

Balls. The crown jewels. Gonads.

It doesn’t matter what you call them, what matters is keeping them clean.

But knowing how to wash your balls properly isn’t exactly dinner time conversation with the ‘rents. Luckily, we’ve got some experience in that area, and we’re here to walk you through the whole thing so you don’t have to have that awkward conversation while asking your mum to pass the salt. 

one razor for the face

So, your body wash will keep your groin smelling amazing for 12 hours – and anything can happen in 12 hours.



You can rock any look you like, but we reckon it’s easier and quicker to smash out our male hygiene tips if your body hair has been trimmed recently. Just think of it like trying to mop a laminate floor rather than a carpet. And if you’ve never mopped anything before, ask your parents what would be easier (but please, please don’t give them any context).

Anyway, it’s up to you if you want to shave your balls as part of your male intimate washing routine. And depending on how glorious your man jungle is, you might need to have a look at this article too.

These hygiene tips for men, when followed, will ensure all-day freshness, made possible thanks to the dual-action technology in Lynx body washes. Dual-action is even cooler than it sounds – it busts odour and keeps you smelling amazing for 12 hours. Nice one.





We know you’re not going to be too rough with your balls because… you’re a guy. It’d be like telling a footballer to score an own goal – it’s genetic or something. Anyway, here’s our male hygiene routine for washing balls.


  1. Get in the shower. Preferably naked.
  2. Get yourself wet. Swing that showerhead around like you’re swatting a fly.
  3. Get the right tools for the job. Lather up your favourite shower gel either with your hands or with the ultimate body wash tool: The Lynx Manwasher.
  4. Get washing. Get that lathery shower gel all over your balls, taking care not to knock, bash, or twist (did you just wince or cringe? Same) them in the process.
  5. Get everywhere. Most male hygiene tips forget about the groin and the IBA (the Inner Bum Area), but not us, keep going!
  6. Get dry. Dry balls are what every man strives to achieve in life. Probably. When you’re out the shower, dry them off with a towel. And enjoy the super-fresh scent of the Lynx Body Wash you’ve used – it’s so powerful it’ll stop your balls smelling like balls. Incredible stuff.

So, your body wash will keep your groin smelling amazing for 12 hours – and anything can happen in 12 hours. But there’s more to male intimate washing routines – you’ve got to wash your penis too.




Essential stuff, this. You might have googled everything else to do with your penis, but this is actually important. You can do all this stuff in the shower at the same time as washing your balls, but you might want to go easy on the body wash if you know you’ve got sensitive skin.

As we said, it’s best to add this into your men’s personal hygiene routine whilst you’re in the shower. 

  1. If you’ve got a foreskin, pull it back gently.
  2. Wash the head, beneath the head, the shaft, and the base of your penis with warm water. 
  3. Dry yourself off when you’re out of the shower.

It’s as simple as that, but it’ll make a big difference to your confidence – and when you’ve nailed your male hygiene routine, you’re going to feel extra confident. Let the epic scents wash over you while you smell incredible for 12 hours. And the cleansing power of Lynx is plant-based – and you can’t get fresher than nature!


That’s all there is to cleaning your penis and balls. If you’ve ever got any concerns, have a chat with a medical professional to check everything’s alright. And if you’ve got a mate who you think might benefit from our advice then ping this over to them too – that’s guys looking out for guys right there.